What is ABV?


There’s a lot of new terminologies to learn when first getting into weed vaporizers. (full list of most common weed vape terms) One of the most often used terms: ABV

What is ABV?
ABV is the spent cannabis remains left behind by a dry herb vaporizer. ABV stands for Already Been Vaped.  It’s sometimes referred to as AVB (Already Vaped Bud) or “duff”.

What Color Is ABV?


Your cannabis starts off green when first loaded into your vaporizer. The longer the session lasts the darker brown the ABV will become. The darker the ABV gets the harsher it tastes. Some people don’t like letting their ABV get too brown because they plan to consume the ABV in the future, and darker ABV can taste bitter.

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What do you do with ABV?

The hardest part is saving up all your ABV. Once a good amount of ABV is saved up (4-28 grams) you can make tincture with it, eat it, or make cannabutter.

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How much ABV to use?

It is hard to tell.  It all depends on the product you Vape, the temperatures, the quantity and your inhaling style.  By noting the color and your Vape conditions you can figure out how much it takes you to get high.  If you have lighter ABV, 2 grams might generate a very good buzz. This kind of ABV contains about ten to twenty percent of the goods as compared to fresh, so you may consume three to six time more than fresh herb to get the same effects.

How does an ABV buzz compare to raw weed?

ABV tends to produce a relaxed body high as opposed to an energetic one, which can be especially good for sleeping issues or winding down.  In fact ABV might be proven to be better for those who like the subtle effects of weed. The concentration of CBD can be higher in the ABV and higher doses of ABV edibles can last eight hours.  You can even adjust the temperature of your Vape down so that your ABV has more kick in it, while not delivering too potent a dose the first time round.

How to Make Tincture with ABV

You will need alcohol, jar, and a half oz of ABV.

You will need about half an ounce of ABV (14 grams) and a strong alcohol of your choice. I personally prefer Kirkland brand vodka.

1) Fill the jar with ABV

2) Add alcohol (leave about 1 inch of space at the top)

3) Leave it in a dark closet or cabinet (be sure to shake it every few days)

4) Let it steep for 2 week to 1 year

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Can You Eat ABV?

Believe it or not you absolutely can eat ABV! Be careful, eating ABV seems to pack a much stronger punch than an average 50 mg edible. Some places recommend eating 4 grams of ABV, I used 2 and was high as balls for the entire night!

Although there are different  ways of consuming ABV, I put some on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This method is pretty straight forward, I made a peanut butter sandwich with ABV sprinkled on.

Should You Grind Your ABV Before Eating?

In order to test this out I ground half the ABV and placed it on one side of the sandwich, and spread regular ABV on the other half. If you don’t like your PB & J having texture then I suggest you grind your ABV. If you don’t mind having a little texture then you should be find with standard ABV.

 Ways to use AVB



First in line is likely the most obvious use—edibles. Baking or cooking with your AVB is a great choice because it helps to mask the flavor while also making use of those leftover cannabinoids.

AVB can be utilized just the same as ground flower for anything from brownies to herbed salmon, except unlike flower, because it is already decarboxylated, it is ready to use! Simply toss it into the mixture to enjoy, but use it gradually in your recipes, starting with a lower dose at first, as it will be impossible to be sure of the potency. Better to make a less potent batch and have an excuse to eat two brownies than to make one that’s too strong and only be able to nibble a corner.

Water Curing

If you fancy the idea of using AVB for edibles but just can’t get past the taste no matter what flavors you add, water curing might be the trick to help you salvage your bud. The process is pretty easy, but a bit time consuming.

You’ll first need to save your AVB until you’ve accumulated a half ounce or more to make the process worth your time. Next you’ll need patience, because the process itself will take about 4-7 days.

Sprinkle on Food

If you love the idea of ingesting your AVB but can’t be bothered to cook, (no judgement here, fellow take-out aficionados), fear not, because AVB can be easily added to any snack. Since it has already been decarboxylated in the vaping process, there’s no need for any extra steps before eating.

That said, for this method, water curing is strongly recommended for flavor purposes, but if you’re really the queen of lazy culture, consider pairing it with Nutella, peanut butter, bbq sauce, hot sauce, or other strong flavors to help mask the taste. This is not the most glamorous use of AVB, but hey, there are those who still drink Bud Light—and it ain’t for the taste.


This is another method of direct ingestion without having to cook, bake, or even water cure. There are quite a few benefits of using the capsule method, such as discretion. It’s easy to swallow one while going about your day, making it a subtle and private option. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the taste.

All you need to do is purchase empty gel capsules and fill them with the AVB. The one downside is that the onset of effects will be delayed, since the capsule needs time to break down and dissolve. For some, this may be a perk, for others, a drawback. Either way, this method offers an easy and effective way to ingest your AVB.

Coffee or Tea

As mentioned before, AVB is already decarboxylated. As such, it’s very simple to add it to your morning coffee or tea for an infused beverage that will give you some pep in your step. For coffee, simply add the AVB to your coffee grounds when brewing your cup. Then we recommend adding a strong coffee flavor, like hazelnut or caramel, or a dollop of butter (or cannabutter!)—all will help mask the taste.

When making tea, add the AVB to your tea leaves and allow to steep. Choose a tea that has a strong flavor, and add some honey or another sweetener to help with the flavor. Between the two, coffee will likely be the better tasting, but by experimenting with flavor, AVB can be a decent accompaniment to both coffee and tea.

Cannabinoids bind to fat, so adding a bit of milk or cream may also be a good idea.

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