Weed-Infused Mac and Cheese

Weed-Infused Mac and Cheese

Weed Mac and Cheese is a classic dish with a twist. In this blog post will teach you how to make weed-infused macaroni and cheese that your whole family can enjoy. So go ahead: make yourself some weed mac and cheese today!

What is weed mac and cheese?

  • Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that can induce feelings of euphoria, relaxation, increased appetite, anxiety relief (in small doses), cognitive impairment, and even lead to temporary psychosis.
  • It’s best when the cannabis in your recipe has been decarboxylated for better effects on eating it or cooking with them. Decarbing should be done at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.
  • Macaroni: A long pasta made from wheat flour shaped into different widths; typically served as an accompaniment to tomato sauce or cheese sauce.
  • Cheese: A dairy product made from the milk of cattle, goats, or sheep.
    This is a dish that combines mac and cheese with cannabis. The recipe is really simple and very tasty. The recipe in this blog post will teach you how to make weed-infused macaroni and cheese, which is a classic dish with a twist. Instead of pairing it with bread crumbs, this weed mac and cheese recipe adds cannabis to the mix.


Weed-Infused Mac and Cheese

Ingredients for Weed Mac And Cheese:
Pasta from one package (any type);
Butter or oil to sautee veggies in – as much as desired;
One tablespoon flour for every cup pasta used for gluten free version or two tablespoons cornstarch instead of powdery consistency but still needs same measurement volume if using regular flour because cornstarch absorbs more liquid than wheat or rice flour;
One or two cups milk (any kind) – any percentage greater than zero;
Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper to taste;
Cheese of choice. I recommend shredding cheddar cheese that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few hours so it melts easily when heated up by cooking pasta according to instructions on the package while you prepare other ingredients.
Cannabis from one quarter ounce but can be more if desired per person/per meal cooked. You will need about half an ounce for four people eating this weed mac and cheese recipe at once without tolerance level exceeding individual levels – use cannabis with lower THC content because the higher the THC content is, the stronger its effects are which might lead to undesirable side-effects for some people.
A saucepan with water to boil macaroni pasta according to package instructions. You will also need a pot or deep fryer (recommended) to cook ground cannabis so it can be added to the weed mac and cheese later on.
Butter, milk, flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder all at room temperature – make sure your butter has been in the fridge long enough where you are able to place it on a cold stove top without melting right away but not too hard either as this then increases the risk of burning said butter while cooking up whatever you’re making. When ready, add dry ingredients into wet one by one before mixing together until dough is formed that’s neither clumpy nor sticky and a little sticky is more desired.
The stove top should be on medium heat and cook the cannabis with butter in a pot or deep fryer for about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally (for better consistency) while cooking until golden brown.
Add cooked macaroni pasta into a saucepan of water once boiling then switches to high heat and wait for it to come back up to a boil before removing from the stovetop and draining all water out. Then add ground weed cannabis mixture where you want it but not too much as this can make your weed mac and cheese very potent.
Once the pasta has cooled down, mix together milk, flour, salt pepper garlic powder – stir continuously on low/medium heat so that no lumps form. You will want to add a quarter cup of butter in slowly and wait until it melts before adding another quarter.
Add the milk mixture into pasta where you want weed macaroni cheese. If there is too much liquid then stop pouring for now so that the weed mac and cheese can cool down enough to absorb more liquid without becoming watery.
The stove top should be on medium heat and cook the cannabis with butter in a pot or deep fryer for about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally (for better consistency) while cooking until golden brown. Add cooked macaroni to weed butter and mix well.

Pros and cons of weed mac and cheese

-The effects of weed mac and cheese: weed mac and cheese is well known for its high THC content, which can make it feel more potent than other edibles.
-Pros: weed mac and cheese has a lot of potentials to be healthier because the dairy in butter balances out the negative effects of cannabis on your body like dry mouth.
-Cons: This recipe will not pack as hard of a punch as you would want if you are looking for something with strong psychoactive effects.

Side effects of weed mac and cheese

-dry mouth,
-increased heart rate or blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia.

Weed-Infused Mac and Cheese

Is it legal?

Weed Mac And Cheese is currently not illegal because of its THC content but may become banned at some point in the future due to potential health risks caused by long term consumption. Weed mac and cheese is legal to buy in all 50 states.
It was discovered that weed butter can be used as a substitute for regular butter, which allows people who are allergic or sensitive to dairy products to enjoy this recipe even if they cannot consume the actual cannabis. (This makes it very convenient for those with dietary restrictions).

Is it safe?

Yes, It’s generally recommended that you stay away from obscure recipes like weed brownies, weed noodles, and anything that doesn’t have a name you can find on Google. It should also be noted that if it has cannabis butter or other kinds of THC infused ingredients, then it may not be legal.
In summary: Weed Mac And Cheese Recipe are safe to make with the right precautions in place.

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