Weed Infused Candy Apples Recipe


Weed infused candy apples are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time. They are perfect for the holidays, or if you want to share something special with loved ones. There is no need to worry about feeling guilty when sharing weed infused candy apples because they don’t contain any THC! This blog post will teach you how to make weed infused candy apples and provide some of our favorite recipes as well!

1. What are weed infused candy apples?

Candy apples are a type of apple that is cut into small pieces and covered in various types of candy. The two most popular flavors are the traditional “cotton-candy” flavor or the more modernized sweet sugar caramel sauce. Weed infused candy apples have marijuana added to them, which will add a kick!
Everyone loves weed infused candy apples because they’re delicious and can be shared with friends without worrying about getting high together – there is no THC involved at all. These treats make great gifts for loved ones as well; you can’t go wrong by bringing someone some weed infused (but not too much) when you visit their home this holiday season!

2. How to make weed infused candy apples

Weed Infused Candy Apples Recipe

This is a blog post about weed infused candy apples. The content should talk about the ingredients of weed infused candy apples, it should include the instruction of how to make weed infused candied fruit;
Fused candied fruit is delectable and perfect for any occasion. But what about when you need to get high? Well, this recipe provides a good solution which will add kick! And the best part of all is that everyone can enjoy these treats as they are completely THC free. These make great gifts as well; bring one over to someone’s house when visiting them during the holiday season and your gift should be sure to please! You will also love how easy it is to put together with just three ingredients and thirty minutes required. Make some today with our helpful instructions below!

3. Recipe for weed infused candy apples

Prep time: 30 min
Ingredients for weed infused candy apples:

  • red apple, cored and cut into quarters with the skin intact
  • cinnamon sticks (or freshly ground) to taste
  • granulated sugar in a shallow bowl or plate. This should be about one cup worth as it will dissolve over thirty minutes of cooking. Useless if you don’t want an overly sweet mixture; use more if you prefer stronger flavors. The amount needed also depends on how many apples are being used at once so make sure to adjust accordingly!
    Preparation instructions: First, soak your dry ingredients together by pouring them onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet (not tin foil). Now place the pieces of apple skin side down onto the mixture. Flip them over and place another sheet of parchment paper on top so that they are sandwiched in between two pieces.
  • Then wrap tightly with tin foil, making sure to seal it well!
    Now bake for thirty minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or until you can insert a toothpick easily into one of the apples. When done baking, carefully remove from the oven (watch out for steam!) and let cool as best as possible before removing foil wrapping from around apple. Now enjoy your weed infused candy apples!!

4. Benefits of eating marijuana edibles

The benefits of eating marijuana edibles are numerous. Eating weed is a healthier way to consume THC, which means less smoke inhalation and lung irritation. Weed infused candies can also be eaten with other foods for an elevated taste experience. The effects of weed consumption take longer than smoking so it allows people to pace their intake more easily versus smoking or vaping where the cannabis enters your system almost instantly. For those who don’t want any psychoactive effect from weed to function during work hours, weed edibles allow you to maintain some level of focus without getting high..

5. Side effects of eating marijuana edibles

Side Effects of Eating Marijuana Edibles: the effects of weed consumption takes longer than smoking so it allows people to pace their intake more easily versus smoking or vaping where the cannabis enters your system almost instantly. For those who don’t want any psychoactive effect from weed to function during work hours, weed edibles allow you to maintain some level of focus without getting high..
The side effects are minimal when eating marijuana edibles. Don’t eat too many at once as that will lead to a potentially uncomfortable high. And be sure not to consume anything else with THC within four hours after eating an edible for best results and avoid driving while under its influence.
Taking pot brownies is one way of consuming marijuana and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the effects of THC to set in.

6. Tips on how to eat a cannabis edible without getting too high

Weed Infused Candy Apples Recipe

Make sure you’re pacing yourself: ead only one or two milligrams of THC at first, wait an hour and see what effect the dose has on your body before eating more. You’ll be able to gauge how potent the weed is with each new bite this way. Keep in mind that edibles take time for their effects to kick in so it’s key not to overindulge too quickly. If there are any side effects from consuming marijuana edibles like anxiety or paranoia, try balancing out your dosage by sipping some chamomile tea and listening to soothing music instead.
If still experiencing discomfort after taking just one hit off a joint, we recommend you wait until you’re sober before taking any more.
Eating marijuana doesn’t have to be a scary experience, but it does require some patience and understanding of your tolerance for THC.

  • First impressions are important so make sure that the weed infused candy apples look as professional as possible by using an apple corer or melon baller to create uniform balls without too many seeds. Take care not to cut out too much from the outside of the apple while making sure there’s enough crust on both ends (you’ll use them later). You might want to put down parchment paper beforehand in case things start getting messy
  • Butterscotch is excellent when paired with chocolate or nuts: Mix equal parts melted butter and brown sugar together in a small bowl. Next, add in your favorite chocolate chips and/or chopped nuts. Keep stirring until it’s all melted together
  • Fill the apple hollow with butterscotch by spoonfuls to within one inch of the top – then seal up any gaps by pressing firmly on the outside crust of the apples. Now dip each ball into melted chocolate or white confectioner’s sugar for an extra beautiful finish.

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