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Sous Vide is the Best Way to Cook Marijuana Edibles

Sous Vide is the Best Way to Cook Marijuana Edibles

Sous vide is good for more than making a perfectly cooked steak; it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to decarb weed. New immersion circulators are now affordable enough for home use, so you can control both temperature and cooking time with precision.

The precise nature of the sous vide method makes the decarboxylation process almost fool-proof. While it is a financial investment, the cost is justified if you are cooking with cannabis regularly, especially since immersion circulators can be purchased for around $100.

With an immersion circulator, you can dial in a lower, exact temperature which will preserve terpenes and flavour while producing almost no smell.

How Does Sous Vide Cooking Marijuana Work?

Seeing as sous vide means ‘under vacuum’, we can safely assume that the technique involves creating a vacuum of some sort. That means sealing the food that is to be cooked inside an airtight pouch and removing all of the air.

This sealed package is then dropped into a vat of water that is gently heated. This heat will be transferred to the package in a high efficient manner, thereby resulting in very consistent and reliable cooking and a delicious flavor.

Meanwhile, because the food is sealed inside the vacuum pack, this means that it will end up cooking inside its own juices and becoming infused any seasoning that has been added. This is where the marijuana edibles come in: this is the perfect choice for infusing oils and the like into your food.

Sous vide combines this process with longer cooking times and lower temperatures. This yields different results to other forms of cooking: giving you a different texture than you could accomplish any other way. Flavors tend to flourish and the process provides much more consistent results in a more precise and controlled environment.

This recipe is to make an infusion using your decarbed cannabis with either coconut oil, butter, alcohol or another oil. By placing the cannabis and desired oil in a mason jar and submerging it in a water bath using your sous vide you can easily create your desired infusion.

Sous Vide is the Best Way to Cook Marijuana Edibles

Ingredients for 1

  • 6 oz coconut oil
  • 7 grams DeCarbed cannabis(Death Bubba or any of you favorite strain.)


  • Set your Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 185ºF / 85.0ºC
  • Measure oil/ butter and place in jar and add the decarbed cannabis stir well and cover with a two piece lid just tighten finger tight do not tighten the band to much or of the jar may crack.
  • Place jar in large enough pot so that water covers the jar and allows free circulation of the water..
  • Once temperature reaches 185 Fahrenheit let cook for four hours, making sure water level does not drop. covering pot with tinfoil helps reduce water loss.
  • When finished turn off sous vide remove jar carefully using tongs or other tool place on soft cloth let cool for five minutes. Prepare a funnel with several layers of cheesecloth and strain oil/butter into a clean jar and then gently press cannabis with a spoon to squeeze out any excess oil or butter you may bring edges of cheesecloth together and squeeze. When oil is strained you may discarded cannabis. Seal jar making sure to label with date strain ingredients and strength.

Top Reasons Why Sous Vide is Ideal for Marijuana Edibles

Sous Vide is the Best Way to Cook Marijuana Edibles

Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider sous vide for your next edibles.

Temperature Control

As you likely know, temperature control is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to infusing canna-oil. If you cook at a temperature that’s too hot, then you might vaporize some of the psychoactive ingredients resulting in a less potent dish and wasting a lot of money in the process! If the temperature is too cool on the other hand, then the THC will bind to the oil at a slower rate or it may not bind at all.

As we’ve already seen, cooking sous vide allows you to precisely maintain the temperature of the food inside the sealed package and this means you’ll be able to precisely predict the results every time. By using this method, you will be able to ensure that you enjoy maximum potency and don’t waste a single drop. Once you find a good recipe that works, you can reproduce it exactly every time.

Low Stress and Hands-Free

Infusing oil is not easy if you use conventional methods. In fact, it can end up taking all day and requiring your constant attention while you work at it. This is a little stressful to say the least and especially if you are cooking the weed because you have a medical condition. It’s supposed to be making you less stressed, not more.

So, by cooking sous-vide, you can make life significantly easier for yourself. This will let you rest up or even go and engage in other activities. All the while, your edibles will be cooking away and you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy when they’re done.

It’s Subtle

There’s another slight problem with regular methods of cooking marijuana edibles: it makes a stink and it makes a mess!

This process normally involves decarbing flower in the oven which can result in a dank smelling kitchen. This isn’t great for the neighbors and it’s even worse if you live in a house-share.

And let’s face it: not everyone wants to broadcast the fact that they’re cooking marijuana! For all these reasons, it’s a good idea to consider cooking sous vide. This way, you can simply drop all the substances into a completely air tight container and then open when it’s done. This creates no smell and no mess and is perfectly covert. No one needs to know and your housemates aren’t likely to try and get you evicted. Those are what we consider ‘pluses’!

It’s Tastier

Look, just because the food is being used as a vehicle to deliver marijuana, that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to taste great. The simple fact of the matter is that sous vide tastes great and that means you’ll get more enjoyment from whatever you cook with it. That’s a big added bonus.


Sous vide is a deceptively simple way to decarb cannabis, and it has distinct advantages over heating buds in the oven. This cooking method gives you complete control over both heating time and temperature. Plus, enclosing the weed in a sealed bag and heating it while submerged eliminates any conspicuous odours.

You will, however, have to come out of pocket for an immersion circulator if you don’t already have one—but we think this investment is well worth the price.

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