Skunk Haze Weed

The uplifting effects of Skunk Haze are unmistakable. It has a spacy and cerebral high that’s frequently followed by bouts of euphoria and energy. It has a skunky flavor, as its name implies, but it’s also sweet, herby, and citrusy. It is commonly used to treat stomach ailments and can aid with muscular aches as well. If you’d like to buy Skunk Haze weed, use our weed delivery toronto to your home.

When a marijuana strain includes a mix of two legendary strains, you pay attention. Skunk, Haze, and Kush have revolutionized the way we cultivate and consume cannabis. The three most recognized strains are the foundation of the genetic makeup of the majority of cannabis available on the market.

Skunk Haze is a cross between Haze and Skunk #1, which is the topic of today’s evaluation.

What Is the Skunk Haze Strain?

When you create a marijuana strain that is a member of one of the three major lineages, you are under pressure. This pressure increases when you combine any two of them together. Skunk Haze, a sativa-dominant (70%) hybrid developed by Mr. Nice Seeds, has hit the mark.

With a moderate CBD concentration, Skunk Haze has medical applications as well.

Skunk Haze’s high CBD content makes it a good candidate for medicine. A 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC is available in the separate CBD Skunk Haze. It allows you to utilize cannabis without obtaining a severe intoxication.

Regular Skunk Haze, on the other hand, is not nearly as powerful as its reputation suggests. It’s strong, and you’ll get all of the advantages that come with THC’s high.

It gives users a powerful cerebral high that relieves stress and pain. In most situations, you will feel uplifted and happy. A couple of cigarettes of Skunk Haze are also likely to give you an energy boost.

The body calm sets in after the head high as the indica component of the strain takes control. You will feel at ease yet should not succumb to couch lock. However, its strength means that novices may become overwhelmed and forced to lie down as a result of its potency.


If you’ve ever tried any Skunk strain, you’ll be familiar with the experience. Its strong scent means it’s not a strain for hiding your smoking! The smell of Skunk #1 is readily identifiable in its descendants. Skunk Haze, on the other hand, has sweet and herbal undertones with a hint of citrus.


Skunk Haze is a delectable strain with an exquisite aftertaste. Users describe this as a sweet herb with lemon undertones.


Skunk Haze is a very distinctive marijuana strain that, unlike most indicas, has smaller buds and dense branches. The orange pistils stand out against the pale green leaves near harvest time.

Skunk Haze Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, growing Skunk Haze is not for the faint of heart. This strain needs extensive expertise in order to cultivate successfully. Even if you can produce it outside, the distinct aroma would most likely attract attention from nosy neighbors. Marijuana cultivated outdoors in legal states must be hidden from view by the general public.

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, take care of the odor by ensuring there’s plenty of ventilation. Skunk Haze thrives in a warm climate with lots of sunshine.

If you’re growing indoors, make sure your space has a good ventilation system to manage the odor.

When growing indoors, make sure your plants have enough of light. It’s important to trim the Skunk Haze plant as it grows dense because this strain develops thick. When you utilize the Screen of Green (SCROG) technique, this strain thrives. This involves creating a screen above your plants and then tying down the branches when they break through it.

When cultivated outdoors, Skunk Haze may reach a height of 6.5 feet. It yields 18 ounces per plant when ready for harvesting. Its blooming period is 9-11 weeks when grown indoors. Plant it indoors and expect a yield of approximately 18 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

Skunk Haze has a THC concentration of 20%. However, the amount of THC can vary from 17% to 23%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The maximum amount of THC found in skunk haze is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Skunk Haze Strain

Skunk Haze may be beneficial for those who suffer from depression as a result of its strong cerebral effects. It can also help with stress and possibly enhance your sleep quality. Its strength ensures that it is utilized by those suffering from long-term pain, such as cramps and muscular spasms, in addition to those dealing with acute pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Skunk Haze Strain

Drying of the eyes and mouth are common side effects. To prevent this problem, drink plenty of water before taking this strain. Skunk Haze might also be used to make a tea or eat it in its raw form.

It’s powerful, so you should take it easy. It produces a slew of emotions almost immediately after ingestion. If you’re not used to dealing with potent marijuana, it might cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis user, start with a little amount and gradually increase it until you get used to the effects.

Final Thoughts on the Skunk Haze Strain

Skunk Haze is a marijuana strain that delivers on its promises. It’s become a favorite among medical users for its purported ability to treat both the mind and body at once. Its got-to-have color combination of light green buds with an hint of orange is stunning. Skunk Haze is ideal for evening use, but we don’t recommend using it to get you through the day.

If you can handle the strength, you’ll love this invigorating strain.

It may be too powerful for some people’s minds and bodies. If you’re a novice or have a low tolerance for cannabis, Skunk Haze is not the greatest choice. However, if you can handle the strength, you’ll appreciate this energizing variety. It can help to increase creativity and attention while reducing stress and pain.

Another disadvantage is that Skunk Haze is a difficult marijuana plant to grow.

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