Quick Edible Weed: Instructions

Quick Edible Weed Instructions

Quick edible weeds are a quick and easy way to get your nutrients in, taste great too. I’m sure you’ve been told that eating your weeds is good for you, but how would you like to eat them without having to weed through all the leaves? There’s a much easier option: quick edible weed. In this blog post, we will discuss what quick edible weeds are and how they can help improve your health. We’ll also provide instructions on how to make quick edible weed from scratch!

1. Gather edible weeds from your yard.

Weeds are a good source of nutrients but you want to avoid any that could give you an allergic reaction. Common edible weeds include dandelion, chickweed, and clover. You’ll also need some other ingredients which we will discuss in the next step!
Note: quick edible weed can be made with different types of plants or vegetables such as spinach for example _______________________________________________
Instructions on how to make quick edible weed from scratch: _____________________________________________
Step One) Gather your materials – Edible weeds like those mentioned above (This doesn’t necessarily have to just be one kind). It is best if they’re fresh so try picking them within minutes after harvesting them. Instructions about how many cups of each weed to use are in the next step.
Step Two) Wash these weeds thoroughly, but gently! We don’t want them to wilt and get waterlogged before they even have a chance to dry out.

Quick Edible Weed: Instructions

Step Three) Once you’ve washed your edible weeds and allowed them time outside of their containers they need to be dried out for at least 24 hours without touching anything else or being exposed to any other moisture. This means no dishtowel drying, no paper towels, not even setting it on something that might absorb its juices like an old dishcloth–no nothing! The best way we found was laying them evenly spaced on oven racks with thin wire mesh underneath so air gets through while still keeping those little weedies in place.
Step Four) Once they are dry and crispy you can cut them up with a pair of scissors into smaller pieces–but make sure to use your kitchen shears, not the ones that go through metal or anything else hard like hair because those will dull out quickly. You might need two pairs depending on how quick edible weed recipe big your weeds were when you bought them!
We recommend keeping any extra for later batches so it’s easy to remember what kind of quick edible weed recipe went well together. We’ve found mixing types together is also an excellent way to find one we really enjoy without having to try all different kinds before finding our favorite(s).

2. Wash and dry the weeds

The first step is to wash the quick edible weed and then dry them off with a towel. This will help get rid of any dirt, insects or other debris that might have found their way onto your weed before it was harvested. It’s important to make sure you do this thoroughly–try wiping each one individually between the center leaves from top to bottom as well as outside edges and inside folds.
Step One) The first thing we want to do is trim up our quick edible weed so they are all uniform in size (or close at least!).
If there are some more dried out than others, just use those ones for later batches because they’ll be easier to break apart when they’re crispy! Just remember what kind of quick edible weed you used for your first batch, and then use what’s left of those quick edible weeds to make the other batches.
Step Two) You should have a clean work surface ready before starting this step so that all we need to do is dump our quick edible weed onto it!
We’ll start by breaking up each individual quick edible weed into smaller pieces–this will help them dry out faster. Then you can take some time with lighter or more brittle weeds to break little bits off at a time until they are in small enough fragments to easily crumble between forefingers and thumbs. For tougher quick edibles like cannabis leaves, try smashing them together as best you can.
Step Three) We want these suckers dried out good and quick so they can be made into quick edible weed powder, which is a lot of fun to make and does not require any cooking. Set your oven to its lowest setting (150 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower for the best results.
Step Four) Place some quick edibles leaves on top of an aluminum-foil lined baking sheet in one layer–you want them to spread out with space between each other! You’ll need about two layers worth per small batch; you might have to use three depending on how many you’re preparing at once. For larger batches just increase this number as needed but please keep in mind that it will take longer for the marijuana’s oils to dry if there are more weeds occupying the same amount of surface area.

3. Cook on a pan until they are crispy or soft depending on preference.

Quick Edible Weed: Instructions

Step Five) Once the quick edibles are cooled, place them in a food-grade container. Seal it tightly and let sit for at least 24 hours before eating–this is to allow the THC to properly infuse with all of the ingredients; if you’re not consuming your quick edible weed within one week, store it in an airtight container so that any remaining moisture can escape and keep bacteria out. It’s best stored in either the fridge or freezer where humidity is minimized!
Warning: this recipe may contain nuts. If allergic please refrain from trying this recipe as we cannot guarantee its safety for people who have nut allergies. (We recommend using coconut oil instead!) For more detailed instructions on how to make quick edible weed, please see the next paragraph.
If you want to flavor your quick edible weed like pizza add these ingredients–diced red onion and tomato; pepperoni for more of a sausage mixup.Tsp olive oil (or coconut oil if vegan)A pinch of salt and dried oreganoYour choice of cheese, sliced thinly (we recommend provolone!)Sliced sandwich bread crumbsOlive oil as needed for frying (*optional)
This quick edible weed recipe also needs one egg per person who’s eating it.

4. Enjoy!

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