Quick and Easy Cannabread Instructions

Quick and Easy Cannabread Instructions

Cannabread recipes are notoriously difficult to find online, but this article will show you how easy it is to make your own batch! If you’re tired of settling for mediocre weed brownies or other marijuana edibles, stop what you’re doing right now and start making some cannabread!

What is cannabread?

Cannabread is a dish that can be made with just three simple ingredients: cannabutter, pumpkin puree, and all-purpose flour. It’s perfect for those who want to indulge in their love for cannabis without going overboard on the THC content.
It has been created by infusing butter or oil with marijuana and then using other neutral ingredients like eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, etc., which brings about its delicious taste of pumpkin spice cookies. This type of baked good offers everything from high fat content (from the cannabutter) to protein (from the eggs), flavorings including cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to elevate its taste.

How to make cannabread

Quick and Easy Cannabread Instructions

Ingredients: The main ingredient is gluten flour which will form the base of your cake! To that, you’ll want to add oil (or another type of fat like butter), sugar, pumpkin puree/canned pumpkin pie filling, eggs (to make up around 30% percent of the total volume). You can also include some vanilla extract/vanilla essence, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Extra flavorings are optional but if you want to add them, we recommend vanilla extract/vanilla essence which will work as a flavor enhancer.

  • Melt cannabutter in a saucepan – Combine all ingredients together with the melted cannabutter on medium heat until it forms a doughy consistency. Spread mixture evenly into greased baking pan or sheet and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes, then cool before cutting! Enjoy 🙂 !
  • You can also make this recipe without any fat by substituting gluten flour and water instead of butter (or other fats) and sugar. While many people have baked cakes that way successfully, please note that they don’t tend to have the same texture as their higher carb counterparts so again be careful with the duration of baking.

Benefits of making cannabread

Cannabread can be a great way to add THC rich cannabis into your diet, and the recipe is relatively easy. If you are gluten-free or vegan this may not be right for you, but in general, it’s a good idea to get enough protein through other means because some of the fat content comes from cannabutter which does have animal products as an ingredient.

Recipes for cannabread

Cannabread recipes can vary, but the most popular are usually made with cannabutter (or other fats) and sugar.
Making cannabread from scratch is easy if you have a good recipe to follow!
Here is the gluten-free and vegan cannabread recipe.
All you need to make this dessert is: Cannabutter, sugar, gluten free flour (I used brown rice), mixed spice, baking powder, salt, and almond or soy milk.
The instructions are as follows: Melt the butter in a saucepan on low heat; then add sugar and mix well until it has dissolved into the butter. Add your choice of flour before mixing together with eggs one at a time while stirring continuously so there aren’t any lumps left in your batter! You should now have a thick doughy substance which will be enough for two pans worth of cake if you’re feeling ambitious – but don’t worry about making too much because it will freeze really well! Add your mixed spice, salt, and baking powder.
Once you have the batter ready put this in a bowl to let it cool down before pouring some almond or soy milk into the mix. You should now be able to bake for 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius at around 350 Fahrenheit – until they’re golden brown! Take them out, allow them to cool completely then enjoy these delicious homemade cakes with powdered sugar, ice cream (or whatever other toppings take your fancy) !!!

Cannabreads from around the world

Quick and Easy Cannabread Instructions

Cannabis infused foods have become quite popular in recent years, but before you get started making your own cannabis recipes at home it’s important to know what types of food react well with THC so that you can avoid any nasty surprises! Here is an overview of some common ingredients used in cooking for people who want to make their own marijuana edibles – just be aware that these items may not work as expected if they contain milk or eggs, which do have animal products as an ingredient.
Here are a few popular cannabreads from around the world.

  • Cannabread with brown sugar: Prepare a basic cannabutter recipe and stir in one cup of light or dark brown sugar. This will add sweetness to the bread, which is typically eaten for breakfast alongside eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee.
  • German chocolate cake cannabread recipe: In this case, you’ll need a boxed mix like Duncan Hines’ Devil’s Food Cake Mix or Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (you can find these at any grocery store). Add an additional egg to the batter according to package instructions before adding your desired amount of cannabis butter; then bake as directed by the box. The end result should be richly textured iced layers that are moist and fudgy – all the better to cut into bars and share.
  • Cannabread with chocolate chips: Add a cup of honey, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and about half as much butter or cannabutter (depending on your preference). Stir in an additional egg for each mix-in you’re adding – so if you want chocolate chips, add two; raisins? Three eggs should do the trick. Then add either walnuts or pecans before stirring in one more cup of flour. If you don’t have any nuts around, then consider adding some cinnamon instead for that subtle spice kick. The final step is to melt some dark chocolate over low heat until it’s completely runny but not hot enough to cook anything.
  • Cannabread recipe with oil: Start by mixing together a cup of cannabutter or coconut oil, two cups of honey, and the same amount in sugar (again, depending on your preference). Add one teaspoon each of vanilla extract, baking soda, and salt. Then add three eggs before adding two more cups of flour. If you don’t have any nut around then consider adding some cinnamon instead for that subtle spice kick. The final step is to melt some dark chocolate over low heat until it’s completely runny but not hot enough to cook anything.

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