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ice wreck strain cbd shopCannabis was known even more than 5-6 thousand years ago, in the times of ancient civilizations. It is a unique plant in which you can use stems (as raw material for paper, strong tissues and threads), and hemp buds (to obtain healing medical or psychoactive effects), and, of course, seeds!

Some hundred years ago, on the territory of the USSR, as well as in many countries around the world, hemp was widely cultivated as a cultivated plant, actively using its gifts. However, with the ban on cannabis in 1961 in the USSR (cannabis was included in the list of narcotic substances) plantations began to be cut down, and hemp was outlawed.

Today the situation begins to change - on a wave of interest in healthy eating and lifestyle began to talk about the great benefits of cannabis seeds. More and more often in catalogues of online stores you can see this product, which is recommended for a diet and a healthy diet.

ice wreck strain cbd shopHemp seeds grown for eating do not contain any psychoactive substances (THC content is acceptable about 0.3%) - this amount has absolutely no narcotic effect.

Included in hemp seeds:

  • 33% useful plant proteins, which are "building blocks" for muscle growth;
  • 44% of fat - the seeds contain useful oils Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the right proportion (1:3), ideal for the human body;
  • 12% fibre and slow carbohydrates, which give saturation and contribute to the loss of excess weight;
  • microelements necessary for human health: Fe, Ca, K, Mg, Zn, Na, Mn, Cl, S, P;
  • vitamins A, B (in full), C, D, E.
  • Caratinoids - pigments with antioxidant properties that prolong youth;
  • 20 amino acids, 10 of which are not reproduced by the human body.

The benefits of marijuana seeds today are undeniable - it is a unique product that does not contain the protein gluten, which ice wreck strain is contained in all cereals. This fact is especially important for patients with celiac disease, in which gluten is contraindicated.

Globulin accounts for 65% of all protein in seeds and albumin for slightly less. These proteins are identical to proteins in the human body. They play a major role in the formation of immune cbd shop protection, so hemp seeds are well used by patients with immune diseases and simply to improve immunity.





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