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How to Make Weed Cotton Candy

weed cotton candy

We all love our share of sweets and chocolates and have irresistible cravings every once in a while. Getting infected with a sweet tooth is so common these days that there are very few of us who manage to escape from its shackles. Ice creams, cupcakes, candies and tarts! Oh! How we love them all. And yes, the best of the lot is cotton candy. Soft, sweet and delicious, it melts in our mouth within seconds, leaving us craving for more.

Well, savoury sweet cotton candy just got better with our new recipe. You can now make weed cotton candy all by yourself and that too in a jiffy. And we’ve all heard this one thing about weed before – it is medicinal and has its own set of benefits. It sure does and infused with the sugary sweetness of cotton candy, it makes for a killer combination.

cotton candy weed

Cannabis Edibles Market

When the first cannabis-infused edibles were introduced, the revenues were only around $1 billion in both the US and Canada combined. Since then, its growth has been moving at a rapid pace, and it has now become mainstream with a massive and faithful audience. From CBD-derived beverages to gummy bears and the go-to baked brownies, the cannabis edibles market is forecasted to continue moving forward, reaching up to $4.1 billion worth by 2022 globally. An ArcView report discussed its eventual superiority over smoked marijuana in terms of revenues and the number of users. 

According to surveys, at least 93% of people who are proponents of cannabis legalization are open to trying new edible products. And, at least 59% of non-users are open to trying these products if they are made available commercially. 

Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles

The gummies continue to dominate the market of ingestible cannabis. During the first four months of this year alone, gummy sales reached up to $115 million. That is 39% of the total cannabis edible dollar sales. Its competitors, like tinctures and mints, did not even meet half the sales of the gummies. 

Before the gummies, however, cannabis-infused chocolate bars once dominated the market. They made up a large portion of the market when they first emerged in 2014. Nowadays, they have been trailing behind the gummies. In fact, the chocolate bars reached just $25.5 million in sales for the first four months this year. The reason for this shift in enthusiasm is rooted in a number of different reasons. Gummies do not melt, for one. Chocolates do, and this can cause a lot of headaches for people who want to travel and be discrete with the products. Gummies also come in pre-measured individual servings, compared to cookies and chocolates, where you need to break off pieces so as not to overdose. Moreover, gummies come in a number of different flavors that are suited to an individual’s preference. The survey shows that mixed fruits have been consistently the most popular flavor, followed closely by watermelon.

Why Many People Prefer Ingesting Cannabis Over Smoking Them?

Prevents Coughing During the Healing Process

Many people opt to consume cannabis instead of smoking it for a variety of reasons. For one, patients who have recently undergone surgery would want to avoid coughing that is oftentimes a result of smoking. Coughing can interrupt the healing process for any kind of operation. These patients turn to edibles to enjoy the same benefits of marijuana, sans the coughing. Several studies have shown that cannabis is an effective and natural alternative to strong pain killers. 

Private And Discrete

Another reason why many people prefer edibles is due to the fact that these products and their packaging often look very similar to the actual non-marijuana variant. They also tend to smell less pungent as compared to when smoking the bud. Cannabis edibles allow for discretion and privacy, which is very important in our modern world. 

Comes In Measured And Consistent Doses

The amount of THC in edible marijuana products, however, can vary a lot. This has caused some adverse effects, especially on individuals with low tolerance levels who might be caught off guard by the stronger potency in the edibles. The good news is that with the legalization of marijuana, many reputable companies assure consistently and measured dosing. 

Delayed Onset And Long-Lasting High

Compared to smoking marijuana, edibles offer a high that is long-lasting. Some reports say that it can uplift your mood up to more than six hours. This alone makes the edibles a preference for many cannabis users.

The most prominent difference between inhaling and ingesting cannabis extracts is the delayed onset of the effects during ingestion. Unlike smoking marijuana in which the effects are almost immediate, the high can kick in anywhere between 30 minutes to up to two hours when consuming edibles.

How To Make Cannabis Cotton Candy From Scratch

Weed cotton candy

Prep Time10 minutes Cook Time15 minutes

Turn your kitchen into its own cannabis carnival with this amazing Cannabis Cotton Candy! But, before we get overly excited, we have to make sure we have all the necessary ingredients (and equipment) first.


For this unique Cannabis Cotton Candy recipe, you’ll need

  • 3-4 THC Hard Candies
  • 2 Scoops of Flossine
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Cotton Candy Machine $30-$40 on Amazon
  • Lollipop Sticks


  • Mortar & pestle
  • Cotton candy machine


  • Okay, so, to get started, you’ll first want to completely crush your weed candies with your mortar & pestle. Really break it down, too. It should be nothing but a fine powder by the time you’re done with it.
  • Then, when you reach that consistency, you can add in your flossine, and keep the crushing motions going until everything is fully incorporated and smooth.
  • After that, you’ll want to add this newly crushed powder to your cotton candy machine.
  • Turn on your device, and fill its “floss head” with 2 scoops of this weed-infused flossine blend, and it’ll start to work it into sugary threads. You’ll start to see some cotton candy created around the 45-60 second mark, after the heat has been turned on.
  • At this point, you can grab one of those lollipop sticks and, without rotating the stick itself, merely run it around the interior of the machine, in a clockwise (or counter-clockwise) motion. Also, be sure not to touch the edges while collecting your cotton candy on the stick.
  • When you’re happy with the amount of Cannabis Cotton Candy that you’ve collected, simply turn off the machine, and that’s it!


Sure, your first attempt at swirling the cotton candy may not look theprettiestbut after a few more tries, you’ll get the hang of it.And then, before you know it, you’ll be spinning sticks of perfectly swirled Cannabis Cotton Candy in no time.

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