How to Make Edible Puppy Chow

How to Make Edible Puppy Chow

If you are looking for a new weed edible recipe, this one is perfect! Edible puppy chow can be expensive to buy, so why not make your own? The ingredients are simple and there is no baking involved. This recipe will provide instructions on how to make edible puppy chow that includes weed.

1. What is edible puppy chow?

Edible puppy chow is a weed edible recipe that includes chocolate and peanut butter. This will be the marijuana ingredient of your recipe.

2. How to make it edible:

How to Make Edible Puppy Chow

The ingredients you need are Rice Krispies cereal, milk chocolate chips, and peanut butter.
a) Scoop the mixture into a large bowl or baking pan big enough to allow for spreading. The best way is probably using your hands since it’s not too sticky and kind of gooey like most things you would bake in an oven! Make sure you get plenty of chocolate on top, that’s what will make it taste better anyway so don’t be stingy with the sprinkles !!!
b) Sprinkle some more Rice Krispies cereal over top this adds crunchiness and helps fill up any gaps but also provides texture. Add as much or as little depending on how you want it to turn out. You can use different types of cereals if desired just keep in mind then people should mix them together when they’re eating them.
c) Place the mixture in the fridge for about an hour- this is important because if you don’t wait, then when people are eating it they’ll be crunching on ice and that’s not what we want!
d) After an hour or so has passed take your edible puppy chow out of the fridge and sprinkle with some more chocolate chips over top. If desired add any other toppings like Reese pieces or M&Ms for example. You can also lay them down to dry now but I personally prefer just letting people eat it straight up without being able to see all of my hard work…just kidding!!
e) Once everything is ready place it into a bowl lined with wax paper (you should be able to find this in any grocery store, it’s used for candy making) and then cover it with another layer of wax paper.
f) Now the edible puppy chow is ready to be cut into small pieces or just have people eat as one big piece! The reason I recommend cutting them up is so that people can enjoy more than one flavor at a time because not everyone likes chocolate chips (I’m looking at you mom!).
g) If you want to take this edible puppy chow on the go, then just place it in a container with some wax paper and seal it tightly. You can put it into your backpack or purse and no one will be able to tell that they’re eating weed!
i) This is so easy anyone could do it but remember not all weed edibles are created equal so I always recommend that people try a small amount at first (especially if they’re new). That way if anything goes wrong, don’t worry about being too high because food gets rid of THC-A acid which makes most people feel anxious when there’s an overload of THC. ii) The other thing to keep in mind is that each person reacts differently to THC.
I recommend starting with a small amount of weed and adding more if you want to increase the high (especially when it comes to edibles).
Another thing that affects how much people get from an edible is their tolerance level so there will be times where someone who smokes daily needs two or three times as many milligrams as someone who just started smoking last week. Always read your labels! Each batch of candies should have details about its potency on the package, but make sure you’re always following instructions because sometimes they can vary depending on what’s used for flavorings or coatings. Keep in mind: marijuana has no “correct” dosage per se…there are however some guidelines and tips that can help you make better decisions about how much weed to use in your recipes.

  • First off, start small because it’s hard to judge the effects of edibles since they take time to hit and last a long while (even when you don’t want them too). Remember: edible marijuana is not like a smoking weed so there will be differences in both intensity and duration of effect!
    Every batch comes with details on its potency; read labels carefully – some items are more potent than others depending on what ingredients are used for flavorings or coatings. There is no “correct” dosage per se but generally speaking, edibles should be taken only after trying lower doses first as an experiment. They do have guidelines and tips for determining a proper dose, though.
  • When cooking with cannabinoids like THC or CBD one should remember to start small and gradually increase the dosage until they find their desired effect. This is very important because it can take up to an hour for these substances to hit you and last anywhere from two hours up to six depending on what type of edible you are eating!
  • These factors mean that if you’re going in blind without doing your research first then there’s a chance that you could take too much weed at once – which will lead either be uncomfortable or even dangerous (depending on the person). You also don’t want to get so high before dinner time when everyone else isn’t as well; this leads not only to social awkwardness but also to a bad case of the munchies!
  • The best thing you can do is start with an edible like weed puppy chow or another low-dose snack. They are easy to make and will give you time to figure out what your perfect dosage is without any risk of overdosing (or even feeling too high).

3. Other ways to eat it (use in ice cream sandwiches, as a topping for ice cream)

How to Make Edible Puppy Chow

Edible puppy chow is a low-dose version of weed edible that you can’t overdose on. It’s also much cheaper than the more potent forms of edible and it won’t leave you too high to enjoy dinner with friends or family. The best thing about this recipe is how versatile it is; there are so many variations! You can make chocolate or peanut butter, use other nut butter like cashew butter instead of almond (or vice versa), add nuts for texture, etc. For an alternative option, try using them as toppings for ice cream sandwiches! This will give your dessert some crunchy sweetness in every bite while still being light enough not to overwhelm your taste buds.

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