How to Make Edible Gummies with Cannabutter

How to Make Edible Gummies with Cannabutter

Edible gummies are one of the most popular desserts today. If you want to know how to make edible gummies with cannabutter, then this article is perfect for you! Edible gummies are a great way to get your daily dose of cannabis because they have a more manageable dosage than edibles like brownies or cookies. However, not all recipes yield the same results and some can end up being downright nasty. That’s why we’re going to show you how to make edible gummies with cannabutter that taste good too!

1. What are edible gummies with cannabutter?

The first step to making edible gummies with cannabutter is understanding what they are. Edible gummies can be made from a variety of ingredients, but the most popular one is gelatin and cannabis-infused sugar or syrup. They’re also usually on the sweeter side which makes them ideal for people who don’t want as potent a dose as an iced brownie would give you. The mixture of these two substances creates a rubbery substance that when chilled in certain ways (like the fridge) will set into something solid like Jello ® . These edibles contain slow-acting cannabinoids instead of fast acting ones like THC so it’s best if you have higher tolerance before consuming them!

2. How to make edible gummies with cannabutter

How to Make Edible Gummies with Cannabutter

The first step of making edible gummies with cannabutter is to make the cannabis-infused sugar or syrup. For this recipe, we used a one cup ratio of water and granulated sugar as well as two tablespoons of Cannabutter. Combine these ingredients in a pot on the stove until boiling at medium heat for five minutes stirring occasionally then remove from heat and set aside to cool. Once cooled it will be ready to use!
Next comes beating your egg whites in a large bowl until their fluffy peaks form (about three full minutes). Add more white if needed when you start using some up so that there’s always enough available – yolk can also be added but isn’t necessary since eggs provide such great texture already .
In a separate bowl, mix your sugar syrup with the egg whites. This should create an elastic mixture that can stretch out without breaking when pulled. Be careful not to over-mix it in this step! Then carefully drop spoonfuls of your mixture into small plastic cups or any other container you might have on hand then stick them in the freezer for about two hours until they’re ready to eat – five hours is best if you want to keep them around longer than one day but as long as they’re frozen and sealed well there’s no more worries about spoilage from bacteria.
The last thing left is getting creative – what do you want these gummies to look like? We chose our favorite colors so we could enjoy some edible gummies in all the colors of a rainbow. But you can make them any color you want by using different food coloring – just be sure to use edible gummies with cannabutter so that they taste as good as they look!
Just take your butter, add some water and whisk until it’s nice and creamy then stir in powdered sugar or whatever other flavorings you might like (coconut cream is also great for getting a more tropical taste). Now let the mixture sit while you whip up an egg white mixture, adding salt if desired before combining both mixtures. Then get cooking! When these are done being boiled on medium-high heat for about five minutes there will start forming a thick foam around their outsides which should be removed.

  • Use a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper; place the dough onto the tray in four even rows, using your fingers to press it down and flatten it out as much as you can before putting them into the oven for about ten minutes at 350°F (or until they’re nice and golden brown). After that’s done, take them off of there onto some parchment paper which will need an hour or so cooling time before being peeled away from the gummies. And voila! You’ve got yourself edible gummies with cannabutter.

3. Why you should make edible gummies with cannabutter

Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with cannabis. It’s available in two primary forms: a liquid extract and a solid form (cannabis-infused butter).
Edible gummies are small, hard candies designed to be eaten whole or broken into pieces for consumption as food. Edible gummies may contain sugar, gelatin, fruit juice concentrate, pectin powder or other natural and artificial flavors. The ingredients vary greatly depending on their flavor although sometimes they include corn syrup solids; some types can also have preservatives added such as potassium sorbate.
Gummy bears typically consist only of water mixed with gelatine but edible gummies made from cannabutter often include other ingredients such as honey, sugar and fruit.
The instructions to make edible gummies with cannabutter are as follows:

  • Melt the cannabis-infused butter in a saucepan.
  • Add gelatin, honey and sugar or corn syrup solids; mix well until dissolved.
  • Pour mixture into a mold for desired shape (e.g., small cubes).
  • Chill for three hours or until firm before serving.
    These gummy snacks can be used by those who would like an alternative experience from smoking that does not bring on any psychoactive effects and provides relief from pain without making them feel high, hungry, tired or sleepy. They are also popular among patients recovering from surgery because they do not require chewing; this is beneficial when one is not very mobile.
    Edible gummies with cannabutter are a fun and delicious way to try out the effects of cannabis, or for those who would like to experience some relief without smoking it.
    There is no need to worry about any psychoactive side-effects as these gummy snacks do not make people high; they provide pain relief but also help patients recover from surgery because chewing them isn’t required. Furthermore, thanks to their sweet taste, edible gummies with cannabutter are an excellent alternative when you’re in search of something that will satisfy your cravings while providing both physical and mental benefits.

4. The benefits of making your edibles with cannabutter

How to Make Edible Gummies with Cannabutter


  • Save money by making your edible gummies at home.
  • Control the dose. If you make too much, save it for later or freeze in portions to thaw and enjoy when needed.
  • Store as long as a year if preserved properly and stored correctly [sic] (indoor temperature).
  • The experience is different from smoking cannabis because you can control how high you want to get so that’s why people like using this method of consumption more than just vaping or smoking; they say they have less respiratory symptoms but I’m not 100% sure about that!

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