How to Make Cheeba Chews

How to Make Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews are basically homemade Tootsie Rolls with an added treat: Hash oil from the finest green. For those who find it much easier to use their medicinal weed by eating and ingesting it rather than smoking it, or even if you are just looking for another fun recipe to use your hash oil or pot in, this is a fun and delicious way to do it. Cheeba Chews are super-easy to make right at home with common ingredients, and you will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth and relieve all that ails you in one fell swoop. Have fun and enjoy this unique treat!

Types of Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews’ core line of medical cannabis edibles includes combinations of sativa, indica, and hybrid THC and/or CBD candies. If you’ve tried these bad boys before, you know they’re seemingly small but pack a big punch.  If you haven’t tried before, understand that a formidable high is coming your way and should be approached with caution.

We recommend eating half first then waiting at least an hour before eating the other half, as is good practice with any new cannabis product you try. After all, we don’t yet have industry-wide standards for dose regulation, so it’s best to assume that something will have a stronger effect than you think.

Remember—you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less. Wise words to live by my friends.

The Quad Dose

Cheeba Chew’s flagship product, the “Quad Dose,” contains 70mg of THC. If you’re generally unaccustomed to medical marijuana, a single portion will have a noticeable effect so start with a quarter (about 20mg); but if you’re a seasoned smoker or edible consumer the entire taffy should be the correct amount to feel its full effects.

If you don’t like chocolate, there’s also the fruity gummy “Green Hornet” from Cheeba Chew that contains the same dosage, but with apple and fruit punch flavors. Yum!

You’ll find quad doses available in the following forms:

  • 70mg THC Taffy (Indica dominant)
  • 70mg THC Taffy (Sativa dominant)
  • 70mg THC Taffy (Hybrid)
  • 70mg THC Green Hornet Gummy 2-pack (Indica dominant)
  • 70mg THC Green Hornet Gummy 2-pack (Sativa dominant)

What you are going to need:

How to Make Cheeba Chews
  • One tablespoon of condensed milk (sweetened)
  • Hash oil (10 grams or less is sufficient)
  • A bag of Tootsie-Roll Minis
  • One Pyrex loaf pan or 8” x 8” Pyrex baking pan
  • Butter or butter flavored cooking spray (butter is always best)

Here is what you do:

Throw those tootsies into a crockpot and melt them down on low; you don’t want to scorch them. Stir them often as this will hasten the melting process as well as avoid scorching the candy.

Once the candies are all completely melted down you can throw your hash oil and the tablespoon of condensed milk into the crockpot also. Stir this for two straight minutes; use a timer if you have to. It is really important that you mix the concoction together really well because you need the milk to evenly disperse so the candy will reset properly, and of course you want to blend the hash oil with the candy as thoroughly as possible.

Now you want to take your butter and your Pyrex pan and grease the inside of the pan with the butter. Pour the melted candy into the pan; use caution because the crockpot and the mixture will be hot!

Next is the most important part (other than the hash oil!) and that is to let the Cheeba Chews cool. They need to cool through and through, so be patient. Sit them outside (away from the critters) or put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Once they have cooled and reset take the candy in the pan and cut it into small pieces (about ½ to 1 inch square).

Finally you get to try them out. They taste great and you don’t lose any of the great benefits of your hash oil in the process; if anything it’s better than ever! One batch of Cheeba Chews will give you a return of about 50 chews if you make them the same size as one of the original tootsies you used, and they work great. 


The biggest edge Cheeba Chews have over other edible products is their portability and effectiveness. For a product with a relatively high potency, it’s easier to carry (like up to 20) in your pocket or purse than most of its competitors’ THC treats, taking up about the same amount of space as an actual Tootise Roll would. Plus, it won’t melt as much as a regular chocolate bar, since these things are straight taffy.

And, fortunately, Cheeba Chews makes good on their promise of using lab testing to ensure consistent dosing in every chocolaty chew. No matter which strengths and dosages are right for you, rest assured that the same dose will produce the same effects every time.

If you’re a first-time patient (and have been paying attention to our incessant need to recommend appropriate dose amounts), please understand how valuable it is that Cheeba maintains consistent dosing in all their products. This is RARE in the world of cannabis, even for the best brands.


For all the ways they’ve helped shape and legitimize medical-grade edibles, Cheeba Chews (not Green Hornet) could stand to improve their flavor and texture. A pungent cannabis taste, which can be off-putting to many, especially newbies, accompanies an otherwise typical chocolate taffy flavor. But hey, that’s what you get with such a small, portable product, and we’re happy they don’t stuff each chew with mounds of sugar.

Keep in mind, taste is rather subjective, and we’ve known plenty of patients who actually enjoy the taste of Cheeba Chews.

They could also improve the candy’s purity, which at times contains grainy solids that can make for an unpleasant chewing experience. That’s not to say the dose isn’t accurate, it’s just the texture in your mouth that might vary from chew to chew.

Fortunately, lack of flavor & the occasional inconsistent texture is really the only obstacle that holds back these otherwise incredible little products. And we’re just being nit-picky here — trust us, you’ll love these things.

Since Cheeba Chews debuted eight years ago, many advances have been made in the world of edibles, to the point that some are quality food products in their own right, enjoyable because of and not in spite of their medicinal component.

Final Verdict

How to Make Cheeba Chews

Effectiveness: 5/5

Cheeba Chews do their job exactly as advertised, and thanks to rigorous lab testing, they’ll work the same way every time.


From a beginner’s dose of 17.5mg of THC to an entire quad dose of 175mg of THC, Cheeba Chews leaves choosing one of their several strengths entirely up to you.

Taste: 2.5/5

They’re edible, but for most, the taste won’t impress, so you’ll just have to get it down. To some this is probably inconsequential considering their size and strength, while to others it may be a deal breaker.


There are of course certain brands that offer similar potency for less, but those edibles may not have a leg up on Cheeba Chews’ rigorous lab testing and portability. You’re paying for quality here, people.

Though they’ve helped pave the way for many of the quality edibles we now take for granted, Cheeba Chews have now become something of a niche product. Thanks to their wide availability, people in areas with more limited dispensary options may find Cheeba Chews prices and potencies to be their best bet, probably why they were named “America’s Favorite Edible.”

Nugg Rating: 4.5

Because of their insistence on constant lab testing, quality is guaranteed in a way few which few other brands are able to match. But an unappealing taste and middling price will mean that competing products may be a better option if you have more available choices. Regardless of their flaws, these small edibles get the job done (and then some), and we’d highly recommend them.

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