How to Make Cannabis Syrup: A Recipe

How to Make Cannabis Syrup A Recipe

Everybody knows that weed is great for relieving various ailments. But did you know that it can also be used as a natural sweetener? Cannabis syrup is made by combining cannabis with water and sugar and then cooking down the mixture until it reaches a thick consistency. Today, we’re going to learn how to make cannabis syrup!

1. What is cannabis syrup?

Cannabis syrup is a type of cannabis-infused beverage that’s made by combining weed with water and sugar, then cooking the mixture down until it reaches a thick consistency. Cannabis syrup can be used as an alternative to artificial sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar, both in terms of how it tastes and its health benefits.
Cannabis syrup is a thick liquid made by boiling cannabis in water with sugar and other spices. It can be used as an ingredient in many recipes such as vegan chocolate cake, cannabutter (edible butter), lemon bars, etc.
Note: Cannabinoids are fat soluble compounds found in marijuana resin glands (trichomes). They have certain effects on the mental state which make them “psychoactive” substances; they are largely responsible for most psychoactivity associated with cannabis consumption. The two major cannabinoids present in cannabis include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

2. How does it work?

How to Make Cannabis Syrup: A Recipe

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble which means that they will not dissolve in water. They also cannot be broken down by the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream through the stomach lining when you consume them, so they need to be consumed on a full stomach or after some form of food has been eaten.
To add cannabis syrup to your day-to-day cooking routine, we recommend starting small and gradually increasing how much syrup you use over time until desired effects are achieved (usually two tablespoons). For those who want just enough for one drink, try using about half of our recipe below per serving.

3. Benefits of using cannabis syrup

  • Cannabis syrup is a great alternative to alcohol or sugar-laden drinks
  • Hemp seed oil in cannabis syrup results in heart health benefits
  • Inflammation will decrease and pain relief can be achieved with regular use.

4. Recipes for making your own cannabis syrup at home

There are many different recipes for cannabis syrups, but they all start with the same two ingredients – marijuana leaves and sugar
The following recipe is one of the simplest ones:
Take a quarter pound of cannabis leaves and chop them up finely with knives. If you want to make more syrup, just increase this amount by a few ounces per batch.
Put these chopped-up marijuana leaves into an iron pan that’s been heated over medium heat for about two minutes. At this time add three cups of sugar (or five if you’re making larger quantities).
Stir all ingredients until they are evenly mixed together in the pot. Slowly simmer your mixture while stirring it occasionally – let it cook for 30 minutes or so before turning off the stovetop and letting everything cool down completely before using any syrups that have formed on top as a topical ointment.
Add more sugar to your mixture if you want it sweeter, or just add a few drops of lemon juice for lighter flavors with the same effects.

Instructions on how to make your own cannabis syrup at home
There are two ways: You can either boil it on the stove top OR heat up some coconut oil until liquefied then add your choice of ground herb into a jar before putting the lid tightly back on. If making weed butter, be sure to use a fine strainer or cheesecloth and squeeze the liquid out before adding it back into your jar of oil.
This recipe makes about eight tablespoons. The cannabis syrup can also be added as an ingredient to other dishes and drinks like coffee, smoothies, cakes, pancakes, etc.
Mix the following ingredients together in a saucepan until boiling: – Four cups of cold purified water (alternatively you can also use regular or distilled) – 18 ounces of good quality raw turbinado sugar (or any other kind of sweetener)-Two teaspoons ground cinnamon-A pinch salt After one hour is up, remove from heat and let cool before transferring syrup into jars with lids that seal tight. Keep refrigerated after opening the jar.

5. Cannabis syrup side effects and risks

How to Make Cannabis Syrup: A Recipe

Marijuana can cause breathing problems for those who are allergic or have asthma.
Drowsiness, dry mouth, and drowsiness after cannabis consumption can lead to accidents like car crashes.
Why is cannabis syrup not recommended for those in a hospital setting?
Cannabis can cause breathing problems and drowsiness, which are especially harmful to patients who have asthma or other medical conditions.
In what condition should the use of cannabis be avoided?
Asthma sufferers need to avoid using marijuana because they might experience difficulties with their breathing when under the influence of weed. Drowsiness caused by marijuana can also lead to accidents like car crashes if someone has low blood pressure due to another illness. Use caution when driving after consuming weed too! *If you’re pregnant, it’s best not to consume any form of cannabis, as it might have an adverse effect on your baby.
If you’re diabetic or taking some form of medication, avoid using marijuana because the combination could have serious side effects. Talk to your doctor first before consuming weed!

6. It can be used to make drinks like sodas or cocktails

Drinking alcohol while under the influence of marijuana is not recommended because it increases impairment. Alcohol reduces reflexes and coordination which will make driving a vehicle more dangerous. If you mix weed with other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or PCP (angel dust) then this could be fatal due to suppressed respiration- many people die from an overdose when they consume these combinations together.
Mixing CBD oil into your coffee in the morning before work does wonder for rejuvenating sleepyheads before their day begins! This will give you a boost of energy and make the morning commute more tolerable for both your body and mind.
Cannabis is still illegal in many countries, so please don’t use this recipe or any other cannabis-based recipes unless weed is legal where you are!
In conclusion, cannabis syrup is a versatile syrup that can be used to make a variety of cannabis-infused cocktails and desserts.

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