How to Make Cannabis Jello Firecrackers

Cannabis Jello Firecrackers

Jello is one of the most popular desserts around, and it just got a lot more interesting! These cannabis jello firecrackers are not only delicious but they can be used to make your own cannabutter. The best part? It’s super easy to make them! In this blog post, we will go over how you can whip up these tasty treats in no time at all.
Edibles benefits:
-Eating cannabis can provide a more potent result than smoking it
-The effects of edibles last longer, up to six hours
-Edible highs are often described as being relaxing and tingly. They also produce feelings of euphoria in some people
Take out your jello molds or put parchment paper on the bottom for easier removal. Place one tablespoon of cannabutter into each mold, which should only take about an inch. Fill them up with regular Jell-O mix so that they’re completely full but not overflowing—you don’t want any liquid leaking onto the baking tray! Let them set and then place them in the fridge for at least four hours before removing them from the mold/parchment.

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How to Make Cannabis Jello Firecrackers


  • Cannabis and butter (to make cannabutter)
  • Sugar, flour, salt, eggs. Â I used a basic jello mix from the store to save time.
  • Green food coloring for desired potency/style of a firecracker. You can also use red or orange if you want something closer in color to traditional firecrackers. Â Try not to get any on your hands while making these! Fireworks are tricky enough without getting burned by some cannabis jello 😉
    Note that all measurements should be adjusted according to how much cannabutter you have made before starting this recipe.


Step One – If using cannabis concentrate or buds, first decarboxylate them by heating them in the oven at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes. Â If you are using whole cannabis plants, grind it up finely before adding to the rest of your ingredients.
Step Two – Make cannabutter by melting butter and simmering with the ground or crushed cannabis until cooked through (about an hour). Strain out plant matter after cooking, leaving a slightly green-tinted cannabutter that will give these firecrackers their distinctive hue.
Step Three – Mix sugar, flour, salt, and eggs together into one bowl; mix at low speed so as not to create too many air bubbles. Add cannabutter from Step One now if desired! Continue mixing mixture on low while gradually incorporating more of the dry ingredients into wet until the entire mixture is combined.
Step Four – Stiffen the dough by adding one tablespoon of vinegar at a time and continue to mix for about two minutes after each addition until the dough no longer sticks to your hands or bowl. You will know that you have reached this point once it has become more elastic, stiffer in texture, and does not stick as much when touched with fingers. Â Place ball of jello on parchment paper-lined tray; cover tightly with plastic wrap so only edges poke out from under (only allow the top layer of plastic wrap to come up over edge).
We hope you enjoyed these cannabis jello firecrackers! They are really easy to make but they do take some patience before they can be finished cooking in the oven. I also wanted to mention that these cannabis jello firecrackers are a great go-to recipe for when you need a quick and easy appetizer or an edible treat to take with you on your way out!

Tips for cooking:

The jello is done when it has just a little resistance to the touch, about five minutes before total cook time. Â The edges will curl up and away from the sides of your saucepan as you wait for this point.
Some people have found that adding something to their cannabutter mixtures like vodka or liquor can make these cannabis firecrackers gooier in texture; however, we did not find any difference between using vodka versus water so I recommend leaving it out if you don’t want to use alcohol with this recipe! You could also try stirring in some cream cheese at the end of cooking too – again though there was no observable difference cream cheese does add an amazing flavor which would be perfect!
To make the cannabutter, you will need some butter and cannabis. Â Melt your cannabutter mixture on medium-low heat in a saucepan while stirring constantly until it’s well combined with no solid bits of marijuana remaining; about two to three minutes should do it! Add in red food coloring if desired (we used one drop for this recipe). Allow cooling completely before using or storing.
These firecrackers are perfect for when you want something sweet and spicy – they’re also great as an after-dinner treat because they take a little bit more time than other jello recipes so not too much work is required but enough that these might be considered “special”! They’re really easy to prepare and would be fun to make with a friend or partner.
-While the cannabutter mixture cools completely, prepare your jello as you normally would. Â Pour into square or rectangular baking dishes about one inch deep (we used a six by nine pan) and refrigerate until firm – usually, two hours is sufficient though it will depend on how thick you like your gelatin to be.
-When the butter has cooled, cut off about half of it from the pot and set aside for now; add in cannabis tincture if desired with remaining cannabutter mixture while stirring constantly and heat on medium-high again until melted; stir in green food coloring as desired before adding back to reserved cannabutter bowl part that was removed earlier. The amount of time this takes should vary but anywhere from five to ten minutes should be sufficient – it would depend on the heat of your stovetop and what type of cannabutter you are using.
-Pour over jello in a baking dish(s) as desired, making sure that all cannabis-infused butter is evenly distributed throughout; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour before serving. Â When ready to serve, cut into squares or rectangles if necessary (we used a pizza cutter), remove from pan(s) onto either cooling rack set up inside cookie sheet or cutting board lined with parchment paper, then place back in the refrigerator briefly until cool enough to handle so you can turn them out without breaking apart too much. Â They should still have a little bit of jello on the inside but should be mostly cool.
-Quickly dip each individual firecracker into melted cannabutter and immediately sprinkle with desired topping (we used panko breadcrumbs). Â If you have a wire rack to put them all in for cooling, that would work well too!
-We also recommend dipping your finger in the cannabutter before sprinkling the tops of the firecrackers so it will stick better; this is where having gloves might come in handy as we found our fingers were getting a little sticky from handling these.

How to Make Cannabis Jello Firecrackers

Other recipes:

There are many recipes for cannabis jello firecrackers, but they all use cannabutter as an ingredient.
We recommend experimenting with different THC to CBD ratios depending on your personal tastes and needs – for example, if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience then try using less THC than the recipe calls for or vice versa. However, it’s important not to exceed dosage recommendations: 30 mg of THC per serving is generally recommended (for adults) although this may vary depending on individual tolerance levels. The effects can take up to two hours before being felt so experiment at home first!

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