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How to Make Cannabis Honey Sticks

How to Make Cannabis Honey Sticks

Looking for a tasty way to get your cannabis? Cannabis honey sticks are the perfect edible. They are easy to make, delicious, and potent. In this blog post, we will talk about what ingredients you need and how to make weed honey sticks. We will also include some recipes that use cannabis honey as an ingredient!

What is a cannabis honey stick?

Cannabis honey it’s a type of edible that consists of an all natural sweetener like agave nectar or raw sugar syrup mixed with cannabutter (cannabis butter) and then cooked until it thickens.
A cannabis honey stick is a delicious, easy-to-prepare edible that you can eat anytime. They are made by wrapping weed in beeswax and rolling it into a tube shape – this way they will stay together when consumed.Cannabis Honey sticks are smoke free since they’re not actually cooking marijuana – just heating it enough so when ingested there are no carcinogens left to burn anything.

How to make your own cannabis honey sticks?

How to Make Cannabis Honey Sticks

Start by measuring the two ingredients:

– One stick of weed per cannabis honey stick;

– Can use any kind of sweetener like raw sugar or agave nectar, but you’ll want to make sure it’s all natural so there are no added chemicals. And then heat it together with cannabutter and mix well until its fully combined and has a nice consistency. You can add more sugar if needed for sweetness, but just remember that this is going to be eaten in small pieces so try not to overdo it!

The amount will vary depending on how many sticks you’re making – they typically come in packs of five. Follow these instructions and your ready for the next step!

– Roll out about an eighth of a cup of dough into an even rectangle just slightly smaller than the size of your cannabis stick.

– Place the weed(East Coast Sour Diesel or any of you favorite strain) on top and make sure it’s totally covered by the dough, then roll up tightly so that there are no gaps where you can see green poking out. If any cracks form in your cannabis honey sticks during rolling – don’t worry! Just press them together as best you can before moving to step four.

– Now cut each side off at an angle about halfway through, leaving one long end piece with both edges sticking out from either side like a triangle (or whatever shape is easiest for cutting). You should be left with three equal sized pieces after all cuts have been made: two “triangle” shaped ends and one rectangle shape.

– Now cross the two “triangle” shaped ends over each other so that they make an X, then take the long end piece and wrap it around this crossing point to form a circular tube of dough with both edges meeting in the middle. You should be able to see about half of your cannabis stick poking out on either side; roll these edges together again for extra coverage if necessary.

Another recipe for making cannabis honey sticks

How to Make Cannabis Honey Sticks

Recipe makes 14 cannabis honey sticks (about 30g each).
Ingredients needed:

  • bread slice cut lengthwise but not all,though at one end, preferably day old crusty bread or some type of hard rye cracker like matzo because there is no sugar or fat to soften it;
  • cannabis honeysticks;
  • about 14 small, clean skewers or toothpicks;
  • metal coat hanger with wire cutters at one end and pliers at the other – use these for poking holes in your bread slices.
  • Cut a bread slice lengthwise but not all the way through at one end – preferably day old crusty bread or some type of hard rye cracker like matzo because there is no sugar or fat to soften it; this should be done before making cannabis honey sticks so that you can always have enough fresh toast ready when needed.
  • Poke two holes on either side of the slice using a metal clothes hanger with wire cutters at one end and pliers at the other. You can use any type of hard, crunchy bread or cracker.
  • Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a simmer over medium heat; add weed honey sticks.
  • Place the slice in the pan so that it is completely covered by the liquid but not touching the bottom of pan; turn the burner off until there are two inches left from the top of cannabis honeysticks – this should take about four hours for 16 ounces. You will want to keep an eye on your pot periodically because you don’t want it boiling dry. The temperature doesn’t have anything to do with how long they cook as much as the length does, so be patient!
  • Let cool before either loos ening the stick with pliers or using a butter knife to cut them into sticks. Enjoy!

Benefits of using cannabis honey sticks

There are so many benefits to eating weed with these tasty appetizers! For one, the cannabis butter used for your recipe (and which coats the outside of the honey sticks) has been found to have antiemetic properties like THC or CBD oils do. This means that if you’re feeling queasy from your food or illness, this could help reduce nausea. Additionally, smokers may find relief from asthma symptoms as smoking typically causes those types of issues too! And finally: since cannabis releases THC into the bloodstream when ingested, you’ll feel a psychoactive effect from eating these honey sticks.
Some people feel that using cannabis honeysticks provides them with an easier way to consume their medicine; being able to control dosage without having to smoke the concentrate in order for it to have the same effect as when smoked; not exposing your lungs or throat cells directly by inhaling vaporized oils from devices.

Side effects of using cannabis honeysticks

Some people say it is a cleaner high because the cannabis doesn’t touch heat and therefore there are no carcinogens. Others point out that this method of ingestion can be more powerful than smoking or eating marijuana, which may lead to unpleasant side effects if too many weed honey sticks are consumed in one sitting – cannabis honeysticks contains THC so you will get intoxicated just like with any other food containing THC.
Conclusion: Cannabis honey sticks are a healthier way to consume cannabis. They can be made at home by using simple ingredients in your kitchen and following some instructions that I’ve provided below. The recipe only requires three steps; first, you need to decarboxylate the weed, then create a paste of butter/oil and an all-natural sweetener like agave nectar or raw sugar syrup, after which it is cooked on the stove until thickened. After this process has been completed successfully, simply pour into candy molds for easy consumption! You could also roll them up if they’re too sticky once cooled off. Smoke free since we aren’t actually cooking marijuana – just heating it enough so when ingested there are no carcinogens left to burn anything.

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