How to Make Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

There are a lot of cannabis tinctures out there, but few compare to the potency and simplicity of cannabis glycerin tincture. Cannabis glycerin tincture is made by soaking cannabis in vegetable glycerin for at least two weeks. This takes away some of the harshnesses that come from smoking or vaporizing it and also makes it easier to control how much you’re taking. With this blog post, I will show you how to make your own potent Cannabis glycerin tinctures!
Cannabis glycerin tinctures is a cannabis extract made by soaking marijuana flower or trim in high-grade vegetable glycerin for at least two weeks.

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Place a cup of water in the pot.

How to Make Cannabis Glycerin Tincture
  • Put the vegetable glycerin in a pot and heat it up, then stir to make sure that all of the alcohol separates from the oil.
  • Add your cannabis leaves or trim into a glass jar with a lid. (make sure you have enough space for adding extra water as needed).
  • Pour hot liquid over cannabis until completely covered by at least an inch above.
    ***Note: If using fresh plants, pour boiling water on top before placing a cover on the container so the temperature does not drop below 115 degrees Fahrenheit! ***Place lids tightly closed and store away from light sources like windows or fluorescent lights; this is important to avoid molding because when marijuana dries out too much it becomes susceptible to molding which can destroy the potency of the cannabis.
  • Place marijuana in a crockpot set to low temperature and cover for six hours or until completely dry (note: this process can take up to 24 hours depending on how much weed you have); it is important not to leave the pot uncovered because then THC will evaporate which means that your concoction won’t be as potent.
  • Using cheesecloth, strain remaining plant matter from the liquid into another container; make sure all plant material has been strained out by squeezing with hands – don’t forget about any leftovers! It’s also wise at this point to pour tincture mixture back and forth between two containers so if there are still pieces of leaves floating around they get poured away too.
  • Add glycerin to the mixture and stir until fully mixed; pour into a bottle with dropper.
    Glycerin is used as an organic solvent, which dissolves both lipids and aromatic compounds so that they can mix well together in order for the extraction of cannabis oils from the plant material (aka weed). Glycerine also has low toxicity levels compared to other solvents because it’s not toxic or corrosive when ingested orally – this means there’s little chance your tincture will have any nasty side effects! It does however have a high boiling point which makes for good extractions due to its volatility at lower temperatures. And while marijuana is certainly illegal in many countries, glycerin is not.
  • Add cannabis to a jar and cover it with the pure liquid of your choice (distilled water or vegetable glycerine). Blend thoroughly for about 15 minutes on high until you have a good sludge at the bottom – this can be seen as a greenish-brown goopy substance that’s been extracted from plant material. Be careful not to over-process! Make sure there are no chunks left in it; if so, blend again till they’re all gone.
    Add more water/glycerin: If desired add distilled water or more organic solvent such as vegetable glycerine until mixture reaches 100mL total volume; stir vigorously to combine well before pouring into dropper bottle(s). – Label with appropriate warnings and instructions for use.
  • Store in a cool, dark place such as the refrigerator or freezer; do not store where it will be exposed to light since this can cause degradation of CBD content over time.
    — Keep in mind that some people find cannabis tinctures more effective than other methods (smoking) due to faster absorption into the bloodstream through the stomach lining and avoidance of lung irritation from smoke inhalation which slows down the process. It is also possible that you may need less than one milliliter per dose if using tincture versus smoking when dosing edibles, so start low!
    Сannabis glycerin tinctures useful for the following conditions:
  • Сancer, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), arthritis; and much more.
    Tips for making Cannabis glycerin tinctures:
  • Use organic cannabis to create the tincture
  • Always use high-quality, pure alcohol. This includes vodka and brandy; avoid using rubbing alcohol
  • The ratio of the ingredients is important: one pound (16oz) of dried herb mixed with 16 fluid ounces of glycerin or vegetable glycerine for each 32 fluid oz bottle you intend to make. It’s best not to fill your container all the way up right away as it will take some time for everything to mix together properly
    — Allow mixture at room temperature in a dark place between weeks before strain can be strained out through cheesecloth or coffee filter after about six hours so that no particles remain in liquid – this process takes patience! Once ready, store where it will not be disturbed.
  • The glycerin tincture is best stored in a 32 oz or 16 oz amber glass bottle with an airtight lid and dark-colored dropper cap.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and moisture; the fridge is your best bet for storage! If you’re going to store it at room temperature make sure that there’s no chance of light hitting the container as this could affect its potency over time.
    This content should summarize how to make cannabis glycerin tincture using high-quality ingredients like vodka and brandy because they are pure alcohols so avoid rubbing alcohol; then talk about the ratio between dried herb mixed with 16 fluid ounces of glycerin or vegetable glycerin.
How to Make Cannabis Glycerin Tincture
  • Measure 16 fluid ounces of glycerine or vegetable glycerin into a large heatproof container (a pyrex measuring cup works well for this) and add the high-quality alcohol – either vodka, brandy, gin, rum; you can also use grain alcohol such as Everclear but it’s not recommended because it has more impurities than other types of booze.
  • Place your dried herb in cheesecloth secured with twine until completely covered by the cloth then secure the ends to remove any loose bits from falling into the mixture when stirring. The better job you do at holding onto those stray bits means less that will end up stuck on top of your tincture where they would eventually get absorbed back in.
  • Bring the liquid to a simmer on low heat and stir occasionally until it’s reduced by half. This will take about 45 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, let cool briefly then carefully pour over your cheesecloth-containing herb mixture making sure not to drip any of that good stuff into the tincture pot itself as you would be transferring all those flavor molecules back in along with it if you do. You want just enough so that what is actually coating your plant matter doesn’t touch anything other than alcohol or glycerine for how long this process takes because otherwise there will still be some left behind when time has passed.

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