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How to Make Cannabis BHO Crumble

How to Make Cannabis BHO Crumble

Do you want to make cannabis bho crumble? BHO is a highly potent form of cannabis extract that can be made from various methods. Many people prefer the bho crumble because it has a higher potency than other forms of dabs and it’s easier to dose. In this blog post, we will give you an in-depth look at how to make cannabis bho crumble step by step with this easy recipe!

What is cannabis BHO crumble?

Cannabis bho crumble is the concentrated form of cannabis extract that resembles a crumble. You can make cannabis bho by using different methods; such as butane extraction, alcohol extraction, or rosin press. The most common way to produce weed bho crumble is with butane because it comes with lower risks and yields higher potency than other forms of dabs. Cannabis bho is highly potent and has a range from 80% – 99%. It’s important to note that any type of solvent could be used for making weed bho, like ethanol which produces oil when heated up in high temperatures.
The process starts with harvesting your marijuana plants, trimming them down into smaller parts, and then drying the plant material out so you can extract all of the cannabinoids. You can do this by gently heating up with a blow dryer or in an oven, but be careful to not overheat it because you’ll burn off some terpenes and other weed compounds that give your cannabis its rich flavor profile.
Once the plant material is dried out, place it into a large glass container filled with high-proof alcohol like Everclear for at least five hours and then filter out what’s left. The filtered liquid should have all THC dissolved within it so now comes the time to evaporate away any excess water from it using low heat – just enough to cook off most of the ethanol solvent without boiling anything away too quickly. This process will result in green oil weed bho crumble.
The final step is to pour the green oil weed bho crumble into a glass container and set it in a cool dark place. The mixture will start solidifying within three days, so if you’re not ready to use it yet, just refrigerate for up to six months or freeze until needed. It’s best kept in an air-tight container so that moisture doesn’t spoil your cannabis bho crumble before you’ve had time to enjoy it!

Recipe for Cannabis BHO Crumble

How to Make Cannabis BHO Crumble

· Cannabis plant material (Super Silver Haze but actually you can take you favorite strain.)- this works best with some fresh green bud or trim, but can also work with dried leaves that have been stored in an air-tight container for at least six months. Old kief is not recommended and should be avoided as it could contain contaminants;
· Ethanol solvent – 160 proof alcohol will need to be watered down until the desired percentage of 80% alcohol by volume has been reached when evaporating away any excess water from the mixture later on. This ensures a quality cannabis bho crumble product without too much residual ethanol leftover after cooking off all of the liquid solvents. Higher concentrations may result into undesirable reactions during use if consumed together.
Instructions to make bho crumble:
· Add the cannabis to a double boiler or metal cooking pot. The water should not be boiling, but instead very hot to produce steam;
· Allow cannabis material and ethanol solvent mixture to soak for about one hour until all of the active THC has been extracted into your base solution as completely as possible (don’t let it simmer more than an hour). Make sure you stir regularly so that no clumps form in your bho crumble mix;
· Strain solids out with cheesecloth by pouring alcohol through a strainer over colander – make sure there are enough layers of cheesecloth because some small particles may come through during this process. Once the strain is complete remove any excess liquid from the top of the bowl containing strained solids by removing the cheesecloth “purse” and squeezing the liquid from collected solids;
· Return strained alcohol to pot or boiler. Do not boil – heat only until steam starts again, then turn it off when all of your bho has been evaporated out (you should be able to see water droplets all over the outside if you’re looking);
· Remove from stove once done and allow cooling naturally in a dark place for about two hours (longer is better). Make sure that there’s no exposed sunlight whatsoever because this will spoil your bho crumble with unwanted UV rays- which means less potency!
No need to refrigerate while waiting for bHO crumbls to cool down so they can solidify. As long as you kept your jar in a dark place and didn’t use any UV lights, they should be safe for up to one week. But if you’re not going to finish them before then, store them in the fridge or freezer- it will keep them more potent by slowing down decomposition.

Why should you make cannabis BHO crumble?

How to Make Cannabis BHO Crumble

Making cannabis bho crumble is a good idea because it’s easy to store, transport and use. It doesn’t travel well in liquid form so you need something solid for long-distance trips or when traveling abroad. BHO crumbles are also much easier to break down if you’re trying to make edibles that will be cooked at high temperatures (e.g., frying). Finally, making weed bho crumble is the easiest way of getting consistent potency from batch to batch.

Side effects of cannabis BHO crumble

  • Increased appetite: This might be the best thing about BHO because it can help with weight loss. Studies have shown that cannabis causes a decrease in insulin levels, which stops your body from breaking down glucose and lipids for energy. You also experience increased sensitivity to ghrelin (the hunger hormone). All of this combines to make you feel very hungry;
  • Sleepiness: When consumed in large doses, weed bho crumble is known as one of the most soporific substances on earth. It can’t hurt to take some before bed if insomnia’s been getting the better of you;
  • Fogginess or dizziness: This often comes when we least need it like at work or school but it’s not at all uncommon. The weed bho crumble is just making you relax and feel less anxious;
  • Increased heart rate: This isn’t the most desirable side effect, but it could be advantageous if your job requires physical exertion or high concentration levels since it can really amp up energy levels;
  • Paranoia.

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