How to Make Boiling Weed Stems in Milk

How to Make Boiling Weed Stems in Milk

Weed stems are a common weed that grows in many homes. People often don’t know what to do with them, but boiling them is a great way to get rid of the stem. This blog post will talk about how you can boil your weed stems in milk for a healthy and tasty snack!

What is boiling weed stems in milk?

Boiling weed stems in milk is a way to make the stem of your weeds taste better. This process will take out some of the bitterness that can come from boiling broccoli, cabbage, or any other vegetable with a long sturdy stem.

Why boil weed stems in milk?

You get what you want and not waste anything! If you boil water and then add your boiled stems before they cool off it’s even more for digestion than those who eat raw vegetables without boiling them first.
It’s also healthier because when food sits around unrefrigerated bacteria grows on it so if we’re able to cook our foods instead there’ll be less chance for us getting sick.

How to make boiling weed stems in milk?

How to Make Boiling Weed Stems in Milk
  • Heat up a pot of milk until it starts boiling and then takes the weed stem.
  • Cut off any really tough parts of the stems before you put them in with your boiled milk because they won’t soften up as quickly that way.
  • Boil for about 30 minutes or more, depending on how much water is left from cutting out those tougher pieces at the beginning.
  • Remove from heat to cool down while still allowing enough time for all the liquid to be absorbed into your vegetable’s stalk part so there isn’t too much leftover in your pan after this process has finished cooking. The next step would be tasting your food if you want it spicier than what I’ve mentioned here and adding in some salt or pepper.
  • Serve your boiling weed stems in milk with a side of toast!

Pros and cons of boiling weeds stem in milk


  • It will be a good way to get protein and vitamins.
  • It is also more affordable than other ways of getting weed stems in milk, like just boiling the stem or buying it from an organic store.


  • You have to put up with the taste because not everyone likes this kind of food. Some people might think that they are too tough or chewy for them; some even found it unappealing due to its smell!
  • You will need to use a lot of weed stems in order for it to be efficient.
  • It can also make your milk smell bad, which is why you should only boil the stem part of them as opposed to boiling all the way through.

Health benefits of boiling weed stems in milk

How to Make Boiling Weed Stems in Milk
  • You might find it to be a little bit healthier than eating them raw because they boil off some excess water and salt which is not good for your body. You would also get more nutrients from these boiled weeds, so I recommend this recipe if you’re looking for something healthy on your plate!
  • To make sure there’s no chance that they will taste too tough or chewy just put in enough water into the pot to cover them with about two inches above. Add pepper instead of salt as many reviews mention they’re being spicier than what is needed but at least then it won’t be quite bland anymore especially without any seasoning whatsoever. The first time when cooking these boiled weeds I want to mention that it should take about 30 minutes for the boiling weed stems in milk to be done.
  • After they’re cooked, you’ll need a colander so as not to let them go down the sink when I’m draining off some of the water with its boiled weeds too. The next and last step is after having drained all the excess water away from my boiled weed stems in milk which will have taken only another minute or two before this final little bit of liquid was gone, then place these now tender boiled weeds on your plate!
  • The reason why I like cooking them into something else other than just eating raw is because once you’ve finished making this dish there won’t be anything left behind but nutrients instead of food .
  • It’s quick, it’s easy and there isn’t any waste to clean up so that I can go on with my day.
  • The boiling weed stems in milk will have taken only about 30 minutes to be done but the good news is that you’ll know this by looking at your pot as it boils since these weeds are not very dense.

Recipes for cooking with boiled weed stem soup

  • Miso soup is a favorite in Japan. The boiling weed stems are put directly into the soup and they’re brought to the boil with it, which gives them a nice flavor.
  • A different kind of boiled weed stem soup can be made by cooking some chicken (sometimes even beef) first and then adding these cooked weeds just before serving as well as lemon juice for an added taste or acidity).
  • In Indonesia there’s also this dish called “gado-gado” that has boiling weeds stuck into peanut sauce. It only takes about 15 minutes to cook all together because I’m combining two dishes at once but will add on another five if you want more vegetables too! Boil the weed stems in milk for about five minutes before adding them to your soup or dish. When boiling, make sure that you use a pot large enough for all of your ingredients. This will help ensure that the water level and heat are both even throughout instead of concentrating around one area which can cause burning and scorching. Add any other vegetables – like carrots or celery – towards the end so they don’t get overcooked. If using garlic, wait until after everything else is cooked (or cook it in oil/butter first), then add it near the end as well (it’ll taste better this way).

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