How to Cure Weed in the Microwave

Cure Weed in the Microwave

Long before discovering improved cannabis processing mechanisms, ancient consumers of cannabis were most likely not familiar with the current techniques, but the drive to find better, healthier ways evolved cannabis processing chains from the original, now passé methods to modified, novel means.

Initially, cannabis, as a commodity, was available in a wide variety of colors from Acapulco Gold, brown Colombian, and redder-than-red Thai stick to the bright green Oaxaca big bud. The wide range of colors resulted from drying the plant under the sun in the archaic alternative to curing, which led to the activation of photolytic reactions in the plant.

In horticulture, curing is a process that involves aging dried plant material in order to fine-tune the moisture content and allow for breakdown of sugars and chlorophyll before consumption. Many plants are cured, such as cannabis, hemp, sagebrush, bay leaves, tea leaves, and tobacco.

In cannabis cultivation, the curing process makes for a cleaner, smoother smoke, enhanced flavor and potency, and other desired characteristics. When done properly, curing also ensures the bud has reached a moisture level that will not allow mold and other pathogens to thrive.

Curing also encompasses a variety of food preservation and flavoring methods, especially for foods like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Curing cannabis is the weeks-long process of slowly removing moisture from buds under controlled environmental conditions. 

Curing is a preservation technique that humans have used for millennia to store meats and other degradable items, typically with the help of salts and sugars. Though you won’t need to add anything to your weed. Curing cannabis requires nothing more than patience and proper technique.

When you are a medical marijuana patient, the last thing that you want to do is throw away weed. You know how expensive weed can be, and so throwing it out just feels like a waste of money. If this sounds familiar, then we have good news for you! There is actually an easy way to cure weed in the microwave! We will explain below how to cure your weed in the microwave.

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Put your weed in a microwavable bowl

Now that you have your weed in the bowl, it is time to use the microwave. Put your weed and bowl on a paper towel or napkin before microwaving because there might be some spatter from when we are done cooking our weed. Cook for three minutes at 60% power. Take out of the microwave with oven mitts or gloves as if you were touching hot pottery! The next step is important: Let cool down for about 45 minutes – just enough time to take care of those pesky dishes! After all of this hard work, go ahead and enjoy your cured weed!

How to Cure Weed in the Microwave

You can also cook it for 2 minutes if you want to make sure all of the weed has been cooked through.

  • You can use your microwave to cure weed. It cooks the weed and you don’t have to deal with any smells coming from it while it is cooking or when you are eating, as long as you follow the steps in this post!
  • Put some water into a bowl for better results by using less food packaging material like paper towels or napkin because there might be some spatter that happens after microwaving the marijuana leaves due to hot oils boiling off of them. Cook at 60% power for one minute before letting stand for three minutes so all of the green cannabis has been cooked through. This process should take place on high power if not following these instructions will make sure everything gets cooked properly but takes longer than one minute.
  • For better tasting weed, put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit before microwaving it to get rid of any remaining bacteria that might have been there. You can also cure weed by boiling some water and then putting your marijuana leaves into a pot with it so they will be boiled through or use an air fryer which is much safer than using a stove because you won’t risk fire like you could if cooking on your stovetop!
  • The more heat applied to the green cannabis buds during curing means the stronger its potency while lower temperatures mean less powerful highs; this all depends on how long and what type of heating method was used as well as how potent one wants their final product to be.
  • When the marijuana is heated up too much, it will produce harsh smoke that can leave people feeling dizzy and high. The act of smoking weed has become not only recreational but medicinal as well; for example, one woman suffering from an inoperable brain tumor credits cannabis with making her painless during radiation treatments because she was able to enjoy food again.
  • Smoking weed also helps decrease symptoms of PTSD such as depression and anxiety.
  • If you are looking into curing your own weed at home, be sure to store any leftovers properly so they do not rot or get eaten by bugs! It’s important to keep them sealed tightly in containers like mason jars and out of sunlight. Be aware that some states may have laws about how much weed you are able to possess, so be sure to check up on your local state law before curing.
  • If you want the process of making this cure a little simpler, try using an oven instead! Preheat it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes and then turn off the oven but keep the door closed for another hour or two.
    How To Cure Weed in The Microwave: When smoking weed, people have noticed that if they smoke too many joints in one sitting, it will produce a harsh smoke that can leave people feeling dizzy and high. Some doctors suggest cannabis has been shown effective against pain when used as treatment during cancer.
How to Cure Weed in the Microwave

Don’t eat too much! It’s easy to over-indulge because marijuana is so tasty and so potent, but you could end up feeling really sick and getting a stomachache from overeating cannabis edibles like brownies, cookies, or candy bars

Be careful not to burn yourself when removing the bowl from the microwave – use oven mitts!

The oven mitts should be used when removing the bowl from the microwave. It is important not to overindulge with weed edibles because it is easy to overeat.

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