Ghost Train Haze Strain

The Ghost Train Haze cannabis strain has a wide range of applications. It can aid with everything from glaucoma and arthritis to ADHD and depression. It’s not just a wonderful medical variety; it also has a lemony, flowery flavor that will tantalize your taste buds in an all-new way. If you’d like to buy Ghost Train Haze weed, use our weed delivery toronto to your home.

Ghost Train Haze is not a strain for first-time users, as it’s produced by Rare Darkness in Denver and is unlikely to be one. The occasionally psychedelic (but usually heady) cannabis variety not only features strong amounts of THC, but also has some “interesting” effects that may or may not be a good fit for everyone.

In 2012, High Times decided that the strain was the “Most Potent on Earth,” further cementing its powerful effects. Aside from being a great choice for individuals seeking a little more of a ” cerebral adventure,” GTH is also recognized for delivering multi-symptom relief, which is why it has grown so popular across the world and earned a reputation for providing multi-symptom support.

What Is Ghost Train Haze?

Ghost Train Haze is a masterpiece genetic crossing of parent strains Ghost OG (hybrid) and Nevil’s Wreck (sativa), producing an exceptionally potent marijuana marvel notorious for being one of the world’s most powerful smokes, with an average THC concentration of 28 percent.

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is classified as such (but sometimes just known as a sativa), with an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio, yet most people would believe it has more of an indica influence in higher dosages.

GTH, on the other hand, has been named one of the most potent strains with a THC concentration of 80% and beyond. It’s also important to remember that GTH is not for novice smokers since it contains cannabinoid receptors that can be activated by THC impacts. Furthermore, many marijuana users have reported experiencing anxiety when high from this strain (particularly if you’re prone to anxiety).

Ghost Train Haze: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Once you walk into a space that contains Ghost Train Haze, you’ll immediately recognize it. This cannabis variety is powerful, pungent, and extremely flavorful, hence it stinks up whatever area it’s in. For some people, this may be annoying, but we all know that potent cannabis comes with an insanely dank scent.

Ghost Train Haze has a powerful fragrance, so don’t expect it to be able to store (or smoke) inconspicuously.

It has a beautiful, naturally flowery smell and leaves the atmosphere smelling of citrus and flowers. The aroma is sweet, naturally floral. As soon as the cannabis strain makes contact with the tongue, significant aromas of citrus are sensed – at times resulting in a sweet lemon flavor on exhale. The inhale is smooth and velvety, softly resting on the lungs before gently caressing them again on exhale, with an earthy and floral aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time after you’ve finished smoking.

Ghost Train Haze’s appearance is largely frosty-white in appearance, further emphasizing its name as a ghost train. The sugar leaves are sweet, radiating a brilliant green color and brassy orange pistils (those tiny, curling hairs) dancing among the “freshly fallen snow,” adding just a little of color and plenty of additional texture. The buds are dense and powerful, weighing frequently much more than their apparent weight.

Growing Ghost Train Haze Marijuana

Growing Ghost Train Haze isn’t for everyone, and it’s likely that growing it won’t work for everyone. This is a strain that requires some prior cultivation knowledge in order to achieve a good yield. The bad news? GTH is highly resistant to many common cannabis disorders, but the upside is that it can produce excellent yields if cultivated in the proper conditions.

A grow room’s temperature, humidity, and light intensity can all have a significant impact on the plants’ growth. For example, the strain prefers a hot and dry outdoor environment (i.e., California), but because not everyone is fortunate enough to live in environments like these, indoor growing is often chosen as the preferred cultivation approach. This implies that you must maintain constant ventilation, humidity monitoring, and watch for mold and powdery mildew.

Another popular system for producing Ghost Train Haze weed is hydroponics, which tends to generate the highest yields while minimizing planning and preparation. Of course, not everyone is aware of how to set up and properly maintain a water-based system, particularly when it comes to monitoring and controlling extra humidity that may be produced by growing plants in water. If you’re willing on taking the risk, you should expect a plentiful harvest… if successful!

Expect an average flowering period of 9-10 weeks for Ghost Train Haze, which means harvest for outdoor crops comes around late October. Indoor harvests yield about 10 ounces of bud per square meter, whereas outdoor harvests range from 14 to 22 ounces (on average) per plant.

What Kind of a High Does Ghost Train Haze Produce?

Unlike other sativas, Ghost Train Haze’s high is not overly-energizing or hyperactive. Rather than being stimulating or active, it puts its user into a state of calm creativity, at times spiraling the mind off on an internal psychedelic trip. Internal awareness may also be experienced (particularly in lower doses), but if the “awareness” becomes too overwhelming, it might cause panic or paranoia.

The psychological effects of Ghost Train Haze are potent, especially for those who are susceptible to cannabis-induced anxiety. It has the ability to take one’s mind on an intriguing internal journey.

For those who don’t experience anxiety on a daily basis, higher dosages of GTH may have an indica-like effect on the body, producing tranquil, almost numbing effects (which is perhaps why the ghostly name comes from).

Furthermore, a lack of concentration and sloth will almost certainly be detected, which can stifle any real progress. This may produce erratic, all-over-the-place thought patterns, but on the whole, there is usually an air of contentment and enjoyment.

The Joker is a delightful cannabis strain that most seasoned smokers enjoy due to its comedic possibilities. It’s frequently a pleasant marijuana variety that brings about lots of laughter, silly giggling, and a delighted state for most seasoned users. For people suffering from a variety of ailments, it can also deliver truly remarkable medicinal benefits, as you’ll see below.

Medical Benefits of the Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Strain

The Ghost Train Haze strain is one of the most popular medical cannabis strains in Canada, owing to its high THC content. The cannabis breed has been dubbed “multi-symptom” support because of this and, in many cases, it is seen as providing “multi-symptom” assistance (that is, it has a wide range of therapeutic applications).

GTH is sometimes even advised by cannabis specialists as a potential treatment, especially in low doses. It has been discovered to aid with disorders like ADD/ADHD, sadness, stress, chronic tiredness, and depression in extremely small amounts. Higher dosages, on the other hand, are generally more appropriate for treating things like chronic pain (including arthritis), inflammation (including joint discomfort), migraines/headaches (but not headaches caused by emotional upset or dehydration), joint discomfort (including glaucoma), muscular spasms (not cramps), and other related problems.

You don’t need to consume an alternative form of GTH (i.e., a dab or wax concentrate), as the flower is extremely powerful on its own. If you don’t want to smoke, though, you can find Ghost Train Haze edibles, concentrates, gummies, sweets, tinctures, and more; just be aware of the extra strength that concentrates provide.

Possible Side Effects of Ghost Train Haze Marijuana

Unfortunately, Ghost Train Haze has been associated with a few undesirable side effects in the past, some of which are more severe than those seen with other strains.

GTH, of course, has the most common negative side effects (as with any other strain), which include cottonmouth (dry mouth). Cottonmouth is not much of a problem since it may be readily treated by drinking lots of water before, during, and after your high. Dry or itchy eyes are also a typical side effect, but eye drops that moisturize can help prevent and alleviate dryness.

The Ghost Train Haze is a strong cerebral high with numerous harmful side effects, but it also has an incredibly powerful cerebral high.

Ghost Train Haze is a powerful strain, and although it should not be consumed by beginners, especially in large quantities, it should not be taken lightly. The reason for this is that paranoia and anxiety are very common symptoms of THC-induced anxiety (or those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety-related disease), particularly in higher dosages or among those predisposed to cannabis-induced anxiety.

Dizziness can occur when using a lot of Ghost Train Haze, which is one of the reasons why the strain should be treated carefully. Know your limits and begin small; once you’re comfortable doing so, continue building on from there.

Final Thoughts on the Ghost Train Haze Strain

Ghost Train Haze is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 18 percent. If you’re looking for strong medical cannabis-based relief or an alternative to traditional glaucoma treatment, this strain could be exactly what you need. The high is powerful, and it has a significant impact on both the mind and body.

GTH is also a must-try for recreational users seeking to get baked off their granny’s see-saw. The high is extremely trippy and cerebral, and it can even mimic the effects of a mild psychedelic drug – especially when consumed as a dab or concentrate.

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