Bubble Hash: Reasons, Instructions and Tips

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a type of marijuana concentrate that has been made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The extraction process involves dissolving the plant material in ethanol or butane, which are then boiled off to leave an oily resin behind. Bubble hash can be smoked on its own, mixed with tobacco, or added to joints and blunts for extra potency. In this blog post, we will discuss bubble hash: what it is, how you make bubble hash; reasons why people make bubble hash, etc.

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Bubble Hash: Reasons, Instructions and Tips

1. What is Bubble Hash

The bubble hash is usually produced using ice water so it becomes more concentrated because as soon as they become a solid powder you’ll have some oil left over when dissolved into alcohol/butane mix; this is not good for smoking purposes since we’re trying to extract only pure THC crystals (which make up less than 50% of all the extracted resins)
Bubble hash can be smoked on its own, mixed with tobacco, or added to joints and blunts for extra potency. In this blog post, we will discuss bubble hash: what it is, how you make bubble hash; reasons why people make bubble hash, etc.
You can also use the leftover plant material from making dry sift or butane extraction (called kief) to create a less potent form of bubble hash called ‘dry sift’. It’s often used in edibles – where it makes an appearance as brownie dough or cookies – since when heated at low temperatures it doesn’t release any THC like other methods do because there are no solvents involved. This means that you don’t have to worry about the risk of ingesting dangerous substances by eating them.

Bubble hash is a type of cannabis concentrate that can be made using either ice water or dry ice. It’s typically created by taking leafy material and putting it through an intense process to extract the cannabinoids, then purging any solvents left over from the solvent extraction method used.

A bubble bag/tray combo will work for making bubble hash with dried plant material – but if you’re starting out with fresh leaves (which we’ll talk more about below), this isn’t recommended because they contain too much moisture  that will render your product very wet and sticky, which means you won’t get as big yields when pressing it down into plates or placing them in bags. So start off with some good old fashioned dried buds.

If you’re sourcing your product from a dispensary, make sure to ask the budtender about how it was processed – some dispensaries will sell bubble hash that’s already been extracted (or ‘pulled’) while others may only have dry plant material and recommend using the solvent extraction method yourself  (which is what we’ll be talking about below). If they do not provide this information at purchase, then there are two ways for you find out without compromising any cannabis laws: go directly to their website or call them up! It’s usually written on the menu as “hash oil” so don’t get confused by other oils like coconut or almond !

2. How to make it at home

To make bubble hash at home, you will need the following: a cloth bag (preferably nylon), a bucket for ice water, two buckets with fresh cold tap water in them, and some ice cubes. The process is simple – put all of your ‘wet’ material into one of the buckets and stir well to get it wet. Then take this mixture out from the first pond to place inside a second bucket containing plenty of iced water; then do this rinse-cycle for about three minutes over and again until there are no more bubbles coming through onto the top surface of your ‘dry sift’. Make sure that you don’t leave any plant matter behind when removing everything from each bucket! When done use an old towel to wipe down the buckets and clean off any remaining plant matter.

  • Bubble hash is a potent, cannabis extract popularized by Bob Marley in his song “Lively Up Yourself.”
  • The process of bubble hash creation starts with material containing high levels of trichomes being placed into cold water to release them from their cell walls; this mixture gets stirred until all bubbles stop forming on the top surface before it’s washed three times over ice for about five minutes each time.
  • At the end, an old towel should be used to wipe away excess residue that may have missed scrubbing during rinsing.
  • Afterward, you will need something like a cheesecloth or nylon bag so that all your nuggets are home.
  • The liquid then needs to be heated up on the stove until it boils.
  • At this point, you will need a large metal coffee filter and spoon for stirring.
  • Once boiling starts, reduce heat to medium-low so that bubbles don’t form again; continue heating until all liquid has evaporated from the pan (about 45 minutes) before pouring into a container with a lid in order to cool off quickly before freezing.
    Reasons: bubble hash is made because cannabis extract contains high levels of trichomes which can help make it potent if extracted properly Instructions: start by placing material containing high levels of trichomes into cold water stir mixture until all bubbles stop forming at surface wash three times over ice for about fifteen minutes with iced water strain mixture through cheesecloth and then wash once more in ice-cold water to remove as much moisture as possible

3. Tips for using and storing the hash

  • Bubble hash is best when enjoyed fresh.
  • If you want to store it for some time, using an airtight container in the fridge is your best bet.
  • It can also be frozen, but there’s a chance it will lose its potency with time and if you decide to thaw it out again.
  • If you freeze bubble hash make sure that when it comes to using, take it out of the freezer for about 30 minutes before using so that the pores open up; after this part of the process, wrap the container back up tightly.

4. Recipes that use bubble hash

  • Tasty Spoons
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Olive Oil Cake
  • Pumpkin Pie (canned pumpkin)
Bubble Hash: Reasons, Instructions and Tips

5. Cleaning up after making your own bubble hash

  • The bubble hash is ready for use.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean up any access bubble hash on the countertop or table.
  • Be careful not to be too vigorous and spread it further.
  • Rinse the cloth to make sure no residual bubble hash is left behind.
  • Wipe away any excess soap and water with a clean towel or dry paper towels.

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