About Us

We are a private office where patients in need of medicinal marijuana receive a cost-effective, expert evaluation by a licensed medical professional. Qualified patients receive a physician's recommendation allowing them the legal use of Medical Marijuana under California Proposition 215, also known as the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5, and under SB420, section 11362.7.

Our goal is to provide an environment where patients are treated with the compassion and understanding they deserve. We want to make the process informative yet simple.

We are dedicated to providing a confidential and compassionate environment in which patients may attain the health information and assistance they need in order to benefit from the therapeutic use of medicinal marijuana, in conjunction with traditional medical care and with alternative therapies such as proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, smoking cessation, personal health management, therapeutic body work, acupressure, Chinese herbology, acupuncture, massage, and yoga.

We believe in the medicinal value of Cannabis and we provide recommendations to use medical marijuana to qualifying patients under California Proposition 215 and SB420.

We give recommendations to qualified patients for the use of Medicinal Marijuana for legitimate medical reasons, often as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, which can have many adverse side effects and negative long-term consequences. All consultations are confidential

We strictly follow Medical Board of California and California Medical Association guidelines regarding Medicinal Marijuana.

It is not our policy to report or turn in any lists of names to any agency state or federal agency.






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